What Will Happen This Year in DKU?

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It seems like yesterday that we had last entrance ceremony, but freshmen enter in Dankook University(DKU) already. Time passes as quickly as we get older. As time horribly goes by, the end of year always means a new start. To be expected, we will celebrate new year with regret about last year and decision about what we will do on the future. This mind will help us to grow better than before. As we come to maturity, DKU also would be changed in many fields. So, what kinds of change will happen in DKU? Let's check' em out together!

▶The changes of exterior
-  How about Jukjeon campus? Dankook University Dental Hospital (DUDH) opens in welfare hall.
Last December 6, DUDH was opened in welfare building. It is the only dental hospital that belongs to college of dentistry in Gyeonggi-do. It will offer medical treatment for the handicapped, neglected people and multi-cultural families with local organizations. Also, DUDH opened Advanced General Dentistry(AGD) as a total clinic department. AGD is planning to clinical training and professional education for college of dentistry's graduates. Especially, students can get a discount by 17 percents. But discount is available with not a student card but a proof of enrollment. Please be careful about it!

- How about Cheonan campus? The second arts hall building and the college of pharmacy has their freshmen.
Recently, rest area in front of arts hall is changing to second arts hall. The rest area is disappearing and two buildings will constructed beside center stairs. But it seems that many students would feel the loss of rest area. Because sometimes many students and professors used rest area for they didn't have any classes. There is Cheonan campus's new pride, the college of pharmacy take the first step this year with their freshmen. With this, Cheonan campus receives attention as a Medical Bio Cluster that equipped with DUDH, Dankook University Hospital(DUH), Dentistry Hall and Medicine Hall.

- Isn't there anything else?
Have you ever imagined a dream campus life or have you ever imagined resting on the lawn, sitting on a bench with lost in thought? Recently, a notice is issued in Dankookie. It is on 'Kook Best' as it gets high hits and recommendation. The content of it was about the lack of rest area in Jukjeon campus. The writer said there are no any rest areas in campus. She has complaint that when she goes out of her college, she couldn't sit anywhere until reach the other buildings. Because campus has little benches and rest areas, she also voiced the campus looks like a desolate landscape. Like this, Jukjeon campus relatively has less rest areas than Cheonan campus. In Cheonan campus, many students can relax on the benches that located in each college. Besides, there is Cheonhoji(manmade lake) near students hall. So lots of students can take a walk along it. On the contrary, Jukjeon campus was built about 4years ago. Of course, lots of trees were planted but they are not dense yet. In the case of trees, we have to wait until trees are dense over the years. However benches are not. They can be setting down in short period of time. Also they can offer convenience to lots of students. The construction of new building is good news to us but there are little rest areas for the actually owner, Dankookian. We wish that more rest areas would appear in our campus.

▶The changes of interior
- Did you drop your credits last semester? From now on, It doesn't matter because of 'The new system helping transfer credits to next semester!'
Students often were obliged to drop one credit as they take classes for 20 credits. At that time, they necessarily blamed tuition fee or credits as there are no solutions. But you can solve this problem. From this semester, 'The new system helping transfer credits to next semester' is implemented. As you can see before, this is new system that transfer the left credits to next semester. If you don't take rest of grades next semester, it would be disappeared. It is available when freshmen and sophomore take more than 16 credits, junior are more than 18 credits, senior are more than 12 credits. There are exclusion lists either. So check the notice on the homepage!

- Required English subject would be arranged by students' level
Required English subjects - listening and pronunciation, reading, speaking, writing - are enforced by students' level from this semester. Part of students said "It would be good to hear that students will be divided by their level, because English classes will be progressed well than before." The other part of students said "If this system is conducted, some students would have an inferiority complex on English." This system is first introduced and it will be carried out only in   Jukjeon campus. So it seems that many students would concern about it. DKH asked about it to Division of Liberal Art but they said somewhat irresponsibly, “Just look at the notice. That's all. It's for improving students' English skill." Also, they didn't seem to know about this system exactly.  

- Tuition fee raised 3.3%
Tuition fee is raised 3.3% this semester. The 0.8% of it will be used for a scholarship(mainly for low-income group). Last year, freezing tuition fee is the one of the proud result of student council. But as it is not accomplished this semester, lots of students are disappointed. A student, Kim said, "As look at the price rising for 2 years while tuition fee was frozen, I think tuition fee rising is inevitable this time. But is it truly 3.3% is appropriate? I think university must indicate exact reason." Also, last year, tuition fee was frozen but students had complaint about decreasing of cultural studies. You know, tuition fee is very issued every year.  Tuition fee deliberation commission is opened this year. So, expect and keep an eye on how tuition fee matters solved.

We can recognize what will happen in DKU through above body. All change makes us feel newness as much as it carries on fears. Especially, in the case of adopted new system, students' opinion will be deeply divided on this issue. Therefore, to clean worries dankookians get over that change, DKU should get enough time to prepare and notice that via diverse ways. Also, DKU must not forget outrageous accident happened at this time last year. Of course, I am absolutely sure there is no growth without doing any changes. I just hope our university would not repeat the same mistake that will make students and professors confused by sudden one-sided notice and decision again after semester is started. Anyway, DKH expect DKU is flying infinitely from these changes!

So-Yeon Kim  dkherald@gmail.com
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