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▶ It is Dankookie, DKU of Facebook and Twitter that represents Dankookians' community. It contributes dankookians to comunicate each other well.
Spring came to us. You must be excited now, because the new semester came to us! This semester, maybe there are some students who want to get excellent grades and want to experience something special and different than usual. For these people, there is a helper close to you, dankookian. It's our school, Dankook University (DKU)! If you are a freshmen unfamiliar with school life or undergraduate students who don't agree with what I said, you must read this article carefully. Because, now I will show you about some benefits dankookian are missing out on at DKU. After reading this article, I wish you to be more fortunate university students. It will you be the best school life through using benefits wisely. Then, let's see what's in there.

First, DKU communities, you can freely communicate with each other.
For freshmen who are unfamiliar with new experience and for undergraduate students who have a worry like "I only have friends of my department. So I want to make various friends in my school." There are DKU communities that can solve these curiosities and worries. About it, The Dankook Herald is now going to introduce just two things.
The first community is the dankookie. Refer to introduction of its homepage; it is a website that was made for the needs of a place to talk only for you. Looking at the present dankookie, we can see many developed things compared to the past  when it first launched. Mentioning a few things, first, each student can share their own interests including general thoughts by using a board of various themes like love, sports, games, etc. Second, there is a board named 'Dankook Jisik-in' where you can ask and respond about various things so we can say it helps students to solve problems and worries. And additionally, also a board for freshmen, undergraduate students respond to freshmen's questions. Besides, there are many boards like 'Meo-Meok-Jido' which introduces and evaluates restaurants near school, class information, Gom-Si-Jang (Flea Market) and etc. You can visit this site,
The second community is DKU's offcial SNS (Social Network Service) that was recently established. DKU established SNS address of Facebook and Twitter to communicate with students. Last January, to activate this service, they had an event of making pentastich with Korean words in DKU at Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, there was a follow event in twitter. Unfortunately, the pentastich event is over now. But fortunately, followers of Twitter are about 800 (The basic time was February 10.) and to 900th and 1,000th followers, the manager will give some gifts! Looking at the manager of Twitter and Facebook's effort, they were brilliant and active. They responded to all questions of the students in real time! So I wish you, dankookians to be more interested in the DKU official Twitter (, Facebook ( and communicate with DKU more and more.

Second, Discount on hospital
You know, DKU has Dankook University Hospital and Dankook University Dental Hospital. When you are sick, our school offers discounts to our students. This discount benefit applies to all enrolled students and the school gives students a 17 percent discount except for material costs. However, here is what you should know. If you are student on leave of a semester, so can't get a copy of one's proof of enrollment, therefore you are excluded from this discounts benefits. (But if you are back at school, you are subject to the discounts.) The term of discount is specified in the proof of enrollment, if you enrolled in the first semester, you can discount your medical expenses in August 31. Also, our school's discounts apply not only to enrolled students but also graduates, enrolled student's immediate family and the Academy of Continuing Education(ACE) students. But their discount rates are different from enrolled students. First, the ACE's students are equal discounts rate from enrolled students. However, in the case of a graduate, 20 percent of their total expense is subtracted, they can have a discount of their expense by 20 percent. In the case of enrolled student's immediate family, they apply a ten percent discount.
Third, Digital Information Service Room
You, who want to become a 21st century talented person, make plans to 'study hard in the library' in this semester. Our university library has an extensive collection of books and information and has reading rooms to help students study. But if you use only the two above-mentioned resources then the digital information service room that flower of the culture in the library will feel so sad. The digital information service room, called the multimedia room, is an audio-visual helper to encourage your sensitive sensibility. Students may use materials such as music records, tapes, video and language training equipments or even watch movies. They can also search electronic resources from the Internet, CDs, etc. Materials in this room must be used on the premises. Regrettably, students who frequently use the library don't know this service room gives many cultural benefits. The digital information service room is located on the third floor of the Central Library and the second floor of the Yulgok Library. If you need audio-visual information or relaxation after hard studying, you can make full use of this place.

Fourth, shower stalls
Do you know we have a shower stall beyond just in the dormitory? There might be lots of students who don't know about this shower stall. And some freshman can think 'It's all right without it.' But as you know students, during school life, inevitably stay in the school one day or sweating a lot because of exercise, somebody needs to take a shower. Our schools prepared it, on the first floor at Hyedang hall, on the second floor at the Students hall each. Inside the shower stall, not only is there a locker to keep personal belongings but also hot water provided. Some people think that public shower stalls are not clean, but the shower stall is very clean. Because the cleaning staffs are cleaning the shower stall once a day. Service hours of this stall are from first class to the eighth period. But personal items at the shower are the responsibility of the individual. Keep in mind this rule.

Likewise, these unknown benefits are waiting for you to come like finding a pearl in a oyster. If you take advantage of these benefits, you will enjoy a convenient university life more than any other students. In addition, If you look around our school and be more aware of it, you will find many benefits that are waiting for you. You paid big money for tuition. So you have sufficient qualifications for these benefits through DKU. Let's find it and take it. You can find out if you try.

Chan-Lee, Sun-Hee Lee
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