Fee for student membership , Where Is It Used?

By So-Yeon Kim, Ji-Soo Heo So-Yeon Kim, Ji-Soo Heol승인2011.04.05l305호 0면






▶ Fee for student membership is like a Pandora's box. Who knows? Maybe in there, lots of money are remained!
"The freshman of Dept. of OO, please pay 150,000 won as fee for student membership." A member of the executive branch surely yelled that freshmen should pay it. There are big and small arguments between students about being a member. There are many questions and anxieties between the freshmen like that "We should pay more money after even we paid the huge university tuition?", "Do I have to pay the money?", "How can I say to my parents give me some more money ?" Among the enrolled students they have questioned like "Where are the fees for student membership I had paid, have they used them all?," "Could I get back the benefits as much as paid?" You would have doubted about it. So, DKH set out to solve dankookians' doubt.

First, we look into the last year's budget of a department in College of Social Sciences of Jukjeon campus. The main event of February is orientation (O.T). The executive branch of each college used the money about 200,000 won to buy needed products. The needed products are some snacks as game prizes, name tag and first-aid medical supplies for an emergency. they use the money left last year because they have not collected from freshmen yet. We could term March as the month of events for the department. They spend the money to buy food and drink for the meeting which freshmen and enrolled students to face each other. Especially, they expense around 2,000,000won for all grade membership training(M.T) at this time.

The reason why the amount of money used at O.T is different from that of M.T is that O.T is supported by each college but M.T is processed by itself. And in March, they purchase T-shirts and jackets printed in their major for freshmen besides the M.T expense.

The cost of them is 5,000 won and 50,000 won each and then they order about 90 clothes at once. However, students who did not give fees for department cannot receive jackets and T-shirts. the executive branch of college supports each department in April. it gives 30,000 won to each of the seven departments. Department uses this money for its activities. Also it receives 50,000 won from the executive branch as a M.T expense. There are lots of expenses in May as much as in March. It is used to prepare department activities during the Dankook Festival. The money during the festival is usually used for preparing a pub and various games. And they use the money for buying food, drinks and medical supplies, renting a bus and accommodation for spring voluntary activities for the rural community. Also they buy some presents for professors on Teacher's Day. A total about 1,600,000 won is paid in May. They spend 100,000 won for the meeting celebrating for finishing a semester in June. Therefore, they spend about 10,000,000 won for all the activities and product for students in a semester. In other words, If students want to get back the benefit as much as they paid, you guys should attend department activities diligently. However, it is unfair to force students who don't really want to attend department activities to pay for them. Even if the many executive branches think of being trustworthy by themselves, it is a problem that there is not any organization observing them in Jukjeon campus. If the system or organization will not be built quickly, the anxiety and doubt about it will not disappear quickly.

DKH also covered fee for student membership about a department of College of Humanities. DKH interviewed a staff of the executive branch of 00 department. She said, the student membership fee is defined in terms of 'Operating expense.' Plus, she said "the student membership fee is mainly used for preparing the site for the relationship between the older and the younger students. And It is also used when we book accommodation for M.T and O.T. In conclusion, it is mainly spent on the events for freshmen." She said that the 'Dankook Festival' is the biggest expense of it. “Honestly, we make a loss more than a gain at the festival because of just enjoying that day, it is spent on running our department pub. The great part of expense at the festival is for purchasing ingredients or drinks. In addition, as there is no entry fee for the festival, there isn't much profit." She added, "As you know, it is used for many events. But it also used for students' public articles such as lockers and the space for department's students."

Many students don't know exactly about it because it is too sensitive a problem to know it. Sure we can check the details of expenditures asking about it to them. However many students don't put into action as it is very complicated. About this, a staff of the executive branch insisted that maybe there is one thing many students don't know. "The chairman of each college inspected their record of expenses lists from chairperson of the committee. And if the chairperson of the committee pointed out our problems more than three times, they would confiscate all of our fees for student membership. So many departments endeavor to do their duty to use it effectively.

After that, reporter tried to interview the chairperson of the committee of Cheonan campus. First, the inspection of it should be totally progressed over three times. But they seemed to avoid talking about the inspection precisely. And we asked them about the criteria for judgment and what is the most important thing for inspection. But judging by the way they showed us, it seemed that they don't know about it exactly. A month had elapsed but whether the guideline is established or not is up in the air. Or fair and systematic inspection is carried out or not is up in the air, too.

Upon investigation, it was found that the fee for student membership is mostly between 150,000won and 200,000won. Maybe it is a burden for freshmen to pay it with large amount of tuition fee at once. Seniors said pay it voluntarily but some freshmen get silent pressure from them. Indeed, is it worth to pay that? Are you considering they have privileges from what you paid? Although the fees for student membership are inspected from chairperson of the committee, we can't exclude the possibility they make fake receipts. On campus, many students consider it as like a 'Pandora's box' that means Ignorance is bliss. Still, there are many dilemmas about the student membership fee. And many students would think like this. Do you have any idea where all the money had gone?

So-Yeon Kim, Ji-Soo Heo  dkherald@gmail.com
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