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In contrast to Cheonan campus, Jukjeon campus, which was newly built in 2007, has fine facilities. As a result of a survey of 50 students in Jukjeon campus, only nine students were dissatisfied with the school facilities while 41 students do not feel any inconvenience with the facilities.

A female student responded that "I've visited many other universities to meet my friends, but our facilities seem to be the best." A male student who enjoys exercise said "Since I live far away, I thought I wouldn't be able to do some exercises because I sweat a lot, but the shower facilities let me enjoy all kinds of exercises."

On the other hand, the nine students who were not completely satisfied with the school facilities had two things in common. One of them was the connected chair and desk in classrooms. A male student complained that "As the desk and chair are joined, it is very uncomfortable and during a three-hour class, my waist hurts." Another one was a place to seat outside. A student said that "I want to stay outside during lunch time since the weather has been great these days, but our campus does not have enough places to sit."

As we compare the two campuses, Cheonan's education facilities were weaker than Jukjeon. In case of the library, Jukjeon campus has about 850,000 books while Cheonan campus are holding about 650,000 books. These numbers are not bad if we compare as an example with Dongguk University's in Seoul campus which has 970,000 books while Kyungjoo campus only has 430,000 books. However, the number of books is not a problem, most of the books in both Jukjeon and Cheonan campus are not up to date. The school also mentioned that the joined chair-desk prevents losing one of them, and makes it easy to take care of them and looks good when you line them up. Especially, the College of Humanities in Cheonan campus is one of the oldest ones so that all the facilities are in a bad condition. Noise from the heating system and air conditioner needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Besides them, digital and welfare facilities are also worse than the Jukjeon campus, which has only been around for four years of its removal but some places for students to relax are the ones that need to be fixed.

The things mentioned before are not just some complaints of our inconvenience. These are the reasonable claims that students, who have paid tuition fees for a high quality of study, can demand. A university must fulfill those needs in order to provide a comfortable educational atmosphere to students and professors, who teach them. Prof. Park Samchul, who specializes in the Teaching Profession in Cheonan campus, says "The reason for poor facilities in universities is because of an insufficient budget. In the case of secondary schools, the government supports them to carry out their educational work, but universities don't receive that aid. The National Universities' educational facilities have deteriorated even more. As I've looked around many universities, I think ours is not so bad at all. However, it's necessary that our university takes those basic needs into account."

Many students wonder if it's really just a problem of budget when they see many new 'meaningless' buildings in construction nowadays in our campuses. The drastic reform that universities trying to push ahead is nothing more than increasing the exterior image which doesn't mean the 'Real development.' Don't you think the real university is the one that analyzes interior problems and finds their solutions? From now on, universities must be the educational institutions for students. We hope DKU keeps in mind, that without Dankookians, DKU won't exist.

Ka-Yeon Kim  dkherald@gmail.com
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