Are Each Campus Student Council's Commitments Kept Well? ll

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Student council in Cheonan campus, Jung-Moo Ryu (Dept. of Environmental Economics, Senior)

Last March, we also interviewed the president of the student council of Cheonan campus. The Cheonan campus' commitments are scholarships, employment, public relations, and price reduction & welfare. Then, let's look at the detailed information about it.


About scholarships, last March, Ryu said he will make a special scholarship system like not related to grades. He said "Recently, I thought there will be many students suffered from the flood damage on this vacation. So I changed the order of priority to students who are affected by floods. Therefore, we will distribute each quantity of scholarships to damaged students by checking and visiting. The following is the order. We will notice when the class begins in second semester. And check a damage certificate and if we need, visit and check how serious the damage is. Finally we will divide scholarships to flood damaged students." About it, they will have to consider and discuss seriously about 'Selecting victims objectively' and 'Fairly dividing scholarships to each victim.'


About employment, he decided to change the place of the school magazine into a seminar room for interviews. The student council, Ryu said, "Now, the construction is over so it is ready. But we are now negotiating with the school about the budget which is need for inviting an interview instructor. It maybe takes a couple of days but we'll activate a seminar room for interviews by inviting an instructor in the second semester." It is not used now, but he promised to invite instructor as soon as possible.

<Public Relations>

About the students' indifference toward school events, the student council, Ryu said "We promoted twice, at the inauguration ceremony and the school festival. We put up a banner and gave some bread and milk with a sticker for students who skipped breakfast. I think our promotion progressed satisfactorily." I wondered how it can have a large effect by just doing promotions twice. Can the promotion which has no sustenance be achieved successfully? From now on, to achieve this commitment, the student council will need more sustained promotions.

<Price reduction & Welfare>

About the Price reduction & Welfare, Ryu said, "It was hard to reduce prices around the campus because of the foot-and-mouth disease. I'm sorry to students for failing to take a load off their mind. However, to increase the welfare, we increased the number of free school buses which start at Dujeong Station in the morning and we also made a new school bus route which is for the students who return home from school. Additionally, increasing 50,000 won of scholarship for the department representatives are the things we, the student council achieved."

Likewise, we saw if their commitments were kept well or otherwise by interviewing each president of the student council. They both had failures and successes. In the case of Jukjeon campus, they had some failed commitments because of obstacles like the budget and school's rejection. However, about the commitment which is not related with budget - 'Communication and Sharing,' especially, they will have to rearrange 'Communication' that came from their promotion via their solution(Distributing newsletter) and make additional solutions. In the case of Cheonan campus, they will have to make detailed solutions for 'Reducing price' and 'Communication.' The student council is the representative of 20,000 dankookians in both campuses. Therefore, the student council will have to endeavor for their right and students will also have to be interested in whether they walk in the right way.

Ka-Yeon Kim
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