Are Each Campus Student Council's Commitments Kept Well? l

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What most dankookian have always wondered; Does the student council keep its promises? This question is repeated every time as each semester passes by. Students have their right to know but the student council does not answer initially about this question. It cannot be ignored this year like before so, DKH interviewed presidents of the student councils of both campuses.


Student council in Jukjeon campus, Min-Seok Choi(Dept. of Economics, Senior)

We already interviewed the student council of Jukjeon campus last March. Their promises were divided into sharing, welfare, study, and communication. Let's look through those promises.


Sharing means a social volunteer working such as internal or overseas volunteer working, campaign about raising funds and donations from dankookians. Min-Seok Choi said with a sense of frustration "We wanted to start out a fund-raising campaign from this first semester but due to the lack of activities, we only donated the money gathered last year."


The Student council has discussed with our university to allow a door in the first floor of Towgye Memorial Central Library to remain open for the better convenience to students. It opened earlier last semester and most dankookians were satisfied with it. From last semester, the 720-3 bus is circulating in the campus so many students feel uncomfortable on the opposite way(the uphill road). Now the student council is trying to renegotiate with the bus company. Choi added "We established a side road near the Welfare Hall and many students have used it. However, in the case of the event like "Free ○○ day," it requires a lot of money much more than we expected, so we put them off for now." The student council also tried to build some places by installing roofs in the second floor of the main entrance in Hyedang Hall but this could not be carried out because another building is being built, and it needs to have the construction approval from DKU. Also they wanted to carry out the improvement of the main entrance of our school by establishing a concert hall but the school didn't allow them to build it because it has already decided to build other construction there.


Student council wanted to install a "Walking student center" in order to accept many students' opinions by intercommunicating with them, and doing research about our school's satisfaction but they could not be implemented. Also it created its own twitter account but most students hardly know about it, due to the lack of promotion.


The course evaluation and opened course evaluation, which veiled beneath the cloud, were partly opened to the public from this semester. It is just the beginning now and they are improving it even more for offering exact information. Moreover, instead of a seat reservation system, a fingerprint recognizer will be installed in the library. They have already received the school's permission. Students will be able to use it coming this second semester. Regarding the number of scholarships, it has increased a quarter more than before and it will be expanded continuously.

Min-Seok Choi said "We did not make the commitments with only our ideas. before we decided and announced policies, we have planned policy with every department so all the commitments are decided with each department, finally we reported it to the school. At first, school says everything will run according to our report but recently I feel frustrated because they frequently change their word. The budget problem and other difficulties stop us from keeping our commitment." Then he added "Actually, our web page is not updated well and we agree about our neglectfulness with communication. How can we do all this things representing students even if we did not maintain our own web site? So, this semester we are going to distribute some newsletters providing the information on which commitments were kept and which were not and why, giving sorry to them. We are going to widen the right to know for dankookians."

Indeed, there were other promises more than this reporter did not mention. I carefully say it seemed to be a 'Nice greed' of the student council because they could not keep all of their promises within this year. I am sure they will want to put all the energy to make a better school and better services because they know much more about what dankookians really want. However, students surely want "The promises which are able to be kept" than "Many promises." It is time to hear what dankookians say to the student council.

Ka-Yeon Kim
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