Why Are You Doing Part Time Job?

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 Semester begin on September 1. Most students had a good time on their summer vacation according to the plan. There should be various schemes. For example attending to the English institute, taking a trip, spending their time in reading and so on. Doing part time job is one of them. Students are badly off for money because of soaring cost of living. Students challenge unusual part time job including expensive private lessons to prepare their tuition and living expenses before the start of semester. Like this, part time job already penetrated our lives. For instance, according to a survey of 1,020 university students by an portal site(Albaro), the proportion of students that manage to maintain a job and go to school during the semester came to 45.1 percent. So, why do you think part time job created such a storm? Students are doing part time job because of pressure of tuition or luxury and waste. Why are students spending a lot of time on the part time job just for only earning money? On an equal footing, I am impatient at this situation. Is there any part time job for self-development and earning money at the same time? DKH asked some students about reason for doing part time job on this issue.


 "To me, part time job connotes time machine"

DKH approached Kyung-Hyun No(Hanyang University, Dept. Applied Music, Freshman) who tries to achieve his goal that is wanted to do as long as he has breath. He always heard the story "If you ever get your goal, lots of people think, 'Is this what I wanted for?'" So he searches part time job with the single-minded desire to learn at firsthand about his dream. Finally, he found part time job that was singing a song in a wedding hall. "This part time job was a great influenced on me who have the dream of becoming a singer one day. How does that make me feel if I realize my dream? This job is what I wanted for? Questions such as these have been completely cleared up by this part time job. Following your dream after experience in advance is better than running toward something you want aimlessly." he said.

  "To me, part time job connotes future"

DKH approached Soo-Jin Wang(Sahmyook Health University, Dept. Dental Hygene, Sophomore) who had another busy semester by combining practice with theory. "Practice occupies a big part of our department and has a strong influence on our credit. One of the most important things in a practice is a sense. If I stop the practice during the vacation, I lost the feel of the practice. Then I should get the feel of the practice but it is not as easy as that. So there is no time for playing during the vacation. I found part time job that was assisting dentist through senior and acquaintance. This part time job will help me to get good grade in practical tests and give me an ample allowance because hourly wage is too high. I felt as if I can eat my cake and have it."she said.

  "To me, part time job connotes reality"

There were reports of university students are doing many part time jobs for their tuition fee. Most students saw this news but they can not realize the misery of reality. DKH approached Da-Sol Kang(Chosun University, Dept. of Nursing, Freshman) who shows problem of tuition fee practically. "I transferred from national university to private university because of my new dream. As a result tuition fee of university have doubled. I told my mom. 'Would you like to split tuition fee half and half?' because I know my family circumstances. I decided to start making money by working two part time jobs during the semester. I work four part time job - working at cafe, assisting at the academy, doing a survey, and conducting at the event hall from the vacation. It is really hard for me but if i did not do like this, I would not save the half of the tuition fee." DKH asked her question "Is that going to affect your study when you doing two part time jobs during the semester?" "The part time jobs have harmed my life. Sometimes the job was so hard that I missed my classes. Meanwhile, DKH feel the effect of the tuition fee on the students. We think that university should open doors for our students' dream but nowadays the university put their students in danger. We hope that this situation should be reformed as soon as possible.

  "To me, part time job connotes fulfillments of my hobby"

No matter you are interested in rock music or not, you might have heard of "Jisan Valley Rock Festival(JVRF)." Many fans desire to go to JVRF but the ticket price so high which makes people give up. But, how about an opportunity to enjoy the festival and earn money in the same time? Young-Sik Kim (DKU, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Freshman) worked as a night-time guard of a company's booth in the resort which held JVRF. The entrance was free of course, and it was also a great chance to make money by working as the night-time guard. He enjoyed his working time in it since he is pretty much into rock musics. He added, "Since this summer is my first vacation as a university student, I wanted to make it special rather than spending meaningless time. Thanks to this job, I earn money but also participated in JVRF, along as having closer relationships with my friends who worked together.

  "To me, part time job connotes the memory of youth"

Personal tutoring is one of the most preferred job among the university students. Seung-Yong Shin (Dankook University, Electronic Engineering Major, Junior) began to do personal tutoring because he wanted to earn his own pocket money rather than just depending on his parents. He taught mathematics which he has felt comfortable with, and he said he felt heavy because he was responsible for a student's math grade. However, gradually the tutee's math grade got better and watching the tutee and his parents being made him to be proud. He said, "what I count when look for a new job is the experience I can attain by doing the job." Actually, he said he have not done same work for twice. Instead, he had worked in various fields such as working in a restaurant, and in a manufacturing company. He defined part-time job as the memory of youth since he meet the world, set various experiences and also make memorable time.

As DKH looked up above examples, the reason of doing part-time job is different to everyone. However, in a wider view, someone do it to get closer to their future goal and have experience with it, while some works because they need to work to maintain their financial status. No matter why you do the part-time job, it is a valuable source for your present and future. When you have absolute reason and goal of doing part-time job, you will have a quality time through it even though it drags you down. If you are having hard time with continuing your job, why don't you look for a job that catches your eyes?

Tae-June Jeon  dkherald@gamil.com
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