How to Become a Successful Campus Couple?

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The season of love is coming back. If you are looking around school, you can easily see people who walk with their lover or hug each other. Overlapping many school activities like Membership Training(MT) and Orientation(OT), campus couples(CC) were born here and there because frequent meetings are the best condition for dating. It is natural to become lovers after being friends or seniors and juniors. People say CC is essential to college life, so everybody dreams of a romantic CC. However, If you become a CC, you are not only the envy of your classmates but also the worry of your classmates. Before dating, people are so scared, although many people meet a fateful partner. Is it really wrong? Maybe it is just bias about it? DKH conducted a survey to recognize Dankookians' thinking about it.


This graph made by 150 students, it shows the cognition about CC. There are various opinions about it. Some of the opinions are positive. From the graph 1-1, the highest percentage of advantage with 34.7% is the opinion that they can see whenever they want to meet. There are many disadvantages as much as advantages. From graph 1-2, the biggest concern with 46.2% is that they can't be active easily in the department after breaking up. Like two sides of the same coin, campus couple have advantages and disadvantages. However 67% of students don't recommend about being a campus couple because they are uncomfortable after separating with each other. They are in the same department and they take the same classes so they cannot avoid encounteringeach other. In addition they spend much time together so they know the bad side of each other. Due to many eyes of others around them, their privacy also is invaded.             
Then isn't there some ways to make the best use of advantage and to overcome the disadvantage? To get answers about this, DKH finds out about a famous couple who are a so-called "Lovey-dovey" CC. They are Hyun-Gee Lee and Ju-Young Oh(Dept. of English, Sophomore) 'They became a couple in the second semester MT. Even just at a glance, they seem to have answers that break the prejudice about CC with a single punch. DKH did an in-depth news coverage with them to get the answers.   
DKH: How did  your classmates or acquaintances react when you guys became a CC? Also what about now?
Lee and Oh : At first we kept it secret. But we were caught in the act of dating by someone older in our major department. Seniors and classmates were concerned about us and encouraged us to keep well. Now many classmates envy us!!

DKH: Unlike other couples, you guys are a CC that can take the class together, what is a strong point that only campus couples have?
Lee and Oh : Whenever we want to see each other, we can. I think that our one month relationship is equal as much as other couple' one years. We study, do our homework and active department life all together. We have a lot of time to see and know each other. As days go by, we feel that we have become very close.

 DKH: What is a bad point of being a campus couple?
Lee and Oh : When we quarrel, we are uncomfortable. Sometimes we need time to think about the problem. Because our schedule is same, we have no time to think alone. So we have to meet with that inconvenience. Also when we do not have good relationship, the atmosphere among our friends is also bad. I spend more time with my boyfriend than my friends. So it is natural that spending time with my friends decreased. Sometimes when I want to talk with friends I have to be with boyfriend.  
DKH: Although you are a CC, you guys have a good relationship. Can you give some tips as a successful CC to others?
Lee and Oh : I think that the way to keep good relationship like us is to become a romantic relationship after knowing each other. It is a tip to think many things before having a relationship with someone rather than deciding on impulse. Talk to know how compatible you are with someone. Also spending much time together is sometimes a strong point but sometimes a bad point. But like other couples, if we try to understand each other, strong point affects our love more than a bad point. So I recommend it. I think if they love each other by understanding and considering, a CC is a good experience.

At the end of the interview, we realized that being a CC takes more of an effort because they have more time to be together. Many people say "Do ardent love with warm heart in the heyday of youth." Han said, who has breaking up with her boyfriend not long ago, "I think my boyfriend, who was my classmate and fate. But we had met in a short time, so we didn't understand each other. In a relationship which is almost mutual daily life was seen, our indefinite relation between boyfriend and classmate has continued. We were continually arguing with each other. So I think we differ in all manner of ways. Through the sorrow of parting, I realized a CC has to make more of an effort than other couples. I thought we demanded only the 'Role of lover' from each other, not 'Role of classmate'. We should accept the two roles, both lover and classmate. So, my advice to a new CC is 'You just accept a partner's position.' And then overcome the differences with each other." Do you want to be a CC? We think, successful CC could be born while respecting mutual privacy. If you have consideration and understanding, you already achieved half of the success. DKH hopes you become a successful CC. In your twenties, love impassionly!!

Sun-Hee Lee
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