Illegal Trading Subjects, How Can We Prevent It?

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"It is hard to register for classes because classes I want to enroll can accommodate only up to few people and the numbers of classes are so insufficient." At that time, the second semester started and registering for classes was over, A student in the Dept. of Applied Mathematics, Junior is dissatisfied. The reason is, the high competition rate made him fail to register for a career class that he wanted. 'It is hard to get a job so I was willing to take a career class. But I couldn't..' He was frustrated but the time when he saw the posts 'I have lots of popular subjects to sell!' at the Dankookie and Woongsung-woongsung, he started to get emotionally caught up with. Of course, he didn't actually try anything illegal but his experience of not being able to register for classes tells us that registering for classes has always been a keen competition.

As registering for classes is getting harder, there were more posts of 'Sell and buy subjects' at Woongsung-woongsung on this semester than ever before. The whole notice board was virtually filled with the posts of 'Sell and buy subjects'. These illegal trading subjects, can we let them do it? To investigate the actual conditions, The Dankook Herald interviewed students who tried to sell their seats.


In October, last year, student B in College of Sports Science on Cheonan campus, Junior wrote a post about selling subjects that he registered on his mini-homepage. There were popular sport subjects like Recreation, Snowboard and etc. After few minutes later, he unloaded an additional post named 'Already sold out.' Few days later, looking at his mini-homepage again, that post of trading subjects already disappeared.

Why did he write the post of selling subjects? How could he start this illegal activity? To solve this curiosity, we found him and interviewed him.

'Habitually, I tend to fill out the whole credits that can use. As usual, I registered 19 credits for my major and the rest for popular sport subjects. Next, I wrote the post of trading subjects for fun at my mini-homepage and gave away the popular subjects to my friends who called me. Sometimes, I think I can earn lots of money by selling these popular subjects to people whom I don't know. But it is not legal and I knew this is breaking our school rules so, I have never traded a subject with strangers. I gave the rest credits to my friends. I never thought about abusing rules.

This students actually didn't commit illegal trading subjects. But seeing this interview, we can realize evil-minded people can use this way to earn money. There would be no way to find out how serious this problem is unless we actually meet somebody involved in this illegal trade. So The Dankook Herald interviewed a student who really has bought the subjects.

Student C who is a Senior of Jukjeon Campus complained and said " I bought major subjects to be able to graduate. The number of students in my departments is way too many, so when enrolling for classes, the number of students who like to register for classes always excesses the class limits. Students are forced to take unpopular classes instead of the classes of their preferences. For this reason, there are lots of my friends who fail to fill their whole credits by registering class." We asked her opinion toward the interview 'illegal trading with using remain credits' with student B. She answered, "I paid a quite a bit of money to buy it but I don't regret it. It is not a legal action so I felt guilty, but it's an inevitable circumstance for me."


Seeing the upward content of interview, student C's behavior like trading subjects was not the right movement. However, we can't only put blame on students toward the phenomenon of short supply compared to demand. Our school also has to find the solution to solve this problem for students and our university. Then, what action does DKU has to take to solve this situation? The Dankook Herald met the Division of Education Support Manager who is in the charge of discipline illegal trading subjects and heard what he said.

Myoung-Woo Lee (Division of Education Support Manager)

Q. To prevent students' illegal trading of class enrollments, what kind of measure Division of Education take? And how effective was it?

We changed the server to prevent students using a macro (Auto-click mouse) that disturbs the normal condition of server. In addition, when we make the book of class timetable, we print the manual of registering class in yellow sheet to emphasize the warning notice against illegal trading subjects. Also, we make notice in our school homepage to warn for doing illegal trading subjects. And we delete whole posts of trading subjects at Woongsung-woongsung and suggest the manager of Dankookie (Community site of Dankook University) to delete the posts encouraging illegal actions. As a result, the posts of trading subjects are all gone at Woongsung-woongsung and the manager of Dankookie deleted most of these posts at Dankookie. So it seems like these illegal actions are almost all disappeared.

Q. Can school rules effectively punish and deal with students engaged in illegal trading subjects activities?

These students who are involved in illegal activities can be punished by covered in Article 59, Section 2, of the school rule. If it becomes a severe event, we can request the 'Committee of reward and punishment' to decide a disciplinary measure.

Q.3 What additional efforts will you make to prevent illegal trading subjects?

We, Division of Education Support throughly monitors Woongsung-woongsung, Dankookie and DC-inside of Dankook University to see any illegal activity Dankookians might be involved in. We also make effort to find out about Dankookians' dissatisfaction, needs and wants. And we're trying to improve on the area in which they make comments about in this community site. We accept the posts Dankookians sent us seriously and importantly. We will accept you Dankookians' voice thankfully so we want you to be more involved.


As we can see, Division of Education Support has been trying hard to prevent illegal trading subjects. Manager, Myoung-Woo Lee said "If students do these illegal trading, they will be punished by school rules. But we trust their conscience so we usually don't give too much punishment, giving them a second chance." And he insisted the punishment is not the best option. He emphasized "Students should realize and try not to be involved in illegal activities and it is the best way to prevent the illegal trading."

The phenomenon of illegal trading subjects occurs frequently not only in our school but also in other universities. However, we can't take it for granted and let them undone because others do the same thing. We have to change this illegal activity for students who are victimized only by doing by the book. To solve this problem, DKU has to settle the problem of enrollment process and efficient blocking of illegal activities. And those students involved in the trading also have to admit their own mistake and try change.

By Chan Lee
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