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We usually begin one semester with registering for lectures. If it goes well, you will spend your time on campus efficiently whereas if it does not go well, it will be difficult for you to manage your time between classes. As far as time is concerned, you will have to register as quickly as possible for those classes that you are willing to take or that you think are easier for you to get good grades. However, as life is not all that easy, success and failure coexist. The Dankook Herald(DKH) investigated some cases of failure and will pass on know-hows of how to be successful in such a cruel competition.

Usually, students who fail on registering make up excuses, such as problems with the Internet and computers. We consider this case as their own mistakes. Since a massive number of students flock to the web site on the day of registration, students should all be aware of it getting stuck at some point. It means that they need to consider the second and third options, such as refreshing the page or opening few more pages but many novices usually do not prepare them. There are also some cases that students forget the due date for the registration. Student Lee (Freshman, Business Administration Major) once had a hangover on registration day so he could not register for his major classes that he had to take. DKH is going to talk to him about what exactly happened on that day.


DKH: We heard that you woke up late due to heavy drinking on registering day. Is it correct?

Lee: Yes…. It was a good-bye party for my friend joining the army so I was drinking until late. Actually, I was going to sleep early on the day before the registration.

I am sure everyone will agree that it is totally his fault that he could not wake up in the morning. In this case, we cannot really help him out.

The next case is where students just failed with no reason. Although freshman Kim of Business Administration Major was ready for the registration 10 minutes before in the Internet cafe, he could not complete his registration with full-satisfaction. What happened to him?

DKH: Why do you think yourself failed to register some classes?

Kim: I would say there were too many students wanting to take the classes that I chose. I had to take lectures that I do not want to take, such as philosophy. I do not know how to deal with this disaster.

In this case, we say that students were just unlucky as they were well-prepared. Maybe, it was just because their clicking was slower than others.

A fourth cause of the failure is mother nature. This student was born with a severely wrong intestines which lead to go toilet frequently. The day of registration for a course, he was waiting for the moment. Suddenly he began to feel a few butterflies in his stomach. That time, he started getting a stomachache but, he had imprecise of time before the registration started. So he just silently put up with his stomachache. Besides it was his first time for registration. So he was extra nervous. About that time, mother nature called him. He headed to the bathroom to do his business. After his business, he tried to register for the class but there were very few places left on the course. So he could not get to pick classes that he want to take. There are some lamentable examples due to mother nature's calls. For your successful registration, check your condition ahead.

Until now, we investigated examples of failure. Registration is an important part of the semester. So if you fall, the influence is far-reaching. Above mentioned, some students failed to register with various reasons. Next time, they should not let it happen again. So DKH brings you techniques of registration you can perform. First, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Some forethoughts and preparations are necessary before you register for a class. we must consider the number of cases. First of all, make an idealistic time table. Considering the competition rate, prepare replacements. You can prevent a general crisis by preparing substitutions. Second, when registring, there is no moment to lose so we need a watch that keeps very accurate time. Therefore, use the UTCK, Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science's atomic clock which shows second. And you must take internet sites of registration into consideration. So look up 'Server times of Dankook university registration' on Naver, a portal site. This program can help you to success in registration. Third, we must pass through the registration web browsers, the first gateway to success so we must be ready to cope with the unexpected. Keep several registration browsers open. And make sure student number and password entered in the web browsers. Fourth, the speed of clicking is the most important thing in the registration. We must click the button at the speed of light. When a program stops responding, never give up until you succeed. Fifth, this work takes a lot of patience. No matter how perfect the situation, without any luck, chances are you might fail. But, it is the students with perseverance who survive. You always have to check registration sites because there might be some changes. DKH thinks every student knows about it. There really is not a better way to make your registration perfect. So this fact has both merits and demerits. If you follow these five instructions, success is within hailing distance. Let's hope next registration will be a great success!

By Tae-June Jeon
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