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Won Jeon, an Architecture Department freshman (Jukjeon Campus), was getting ready to play guitar on the sixth floor of Hyedang Hall, but his plans were halted as the guitar was damaged due to water leakage. Although the building's security officers have inspected the damaged area many times after that, water continues to leak from the ceiling. Has our university recognized the water leak? Ji-Yoon Geum (freshman, Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature, Jukjeon Campus) who lives in the dormitory, has had some trouble using her smart phone because of 3G (Third Generation) network problems. One of her friends experiences a worse situation. He cannot use his smart phone in his room, so he is forced to hold the phone outside of the window to use it. Maybe he is not the only one who has this problem.
There are 14,722 students in Jukjeon Campus and 12,873 students in Cheonan Campus for a total of 27,595 students enrolled at Dankook University (DKU). Most students have some degree of dissatisfaction regarding the facilities and equipment established in our school. At the very least, the weakest of the aging facilities should be improved as soon as possible. The following is a story of the daily life of a student in Cheonan Campus.
Student A (junior, Dept. of Spanish, Cheonan Campus) went to a classroom on the fifth floor of the College of Humanities for a lecture. The class began, and the professor started to write an explanation on the blackboard, but the blackboard was in such poor condition that it could not be written upon. The professor said, "it's just the beginning of the semester, but what is wrong with this board? Next time, we should move to another classroom," as he smiled bitterly. In the next class, there was no problem with the blackboard, but the screen for the projector was not clear, so the students were not able to clearly see the contents on it. Student A was forced to squint to read the slides even though she was wearing glasses. After class her friend said, "don't you think the mobile phone communications network of our school is bad? For years, only some network services have worked well, but others did not work well!" She was grumbling. At the end of the day, Student A returned to her dormitory. She talked with her roommate about school facilities. Her roommate said, "you know, in my major class, there are so many experiments. So we use a variety of lab equipment. You don't know half of the problems we are suffering through from lack of equipment. What's worse, the equipment we have in the lab don't even work properly."

How about another recent case at Jukjeon Campus? Many students felt uncomfortable about the cooling system. Air conditioners are installed in all classrooms, but some of them work and others do not. Some students expressed that it is sometimes better to open up the windows and turn off the air conditioner as the temperature controls are problematic. Moreover, the school provides wireless internet access via "Wi-Fi" and "DKU_1", but the service works well in only some classrooms and not so well in others. Students have also felt bitterness toward the hygienic conditions of shower rooms, the gymnasium, water leaks at Hyedang Hall, drink vending machine problems, etc. Recently, 'West Hall' has opened this semester, but there was no information regarding this building's opening on the homepage, nor were there any signs about this new building, especially pointing out where classrooms are. As a result, a lot of students were late for class or even marked absent in their first classes there. Indeed, there are many inconveniences as well at Jukjeon Campus. Overall, it seems that the most cited inconvenience in both campuses has been the network agency (3G) problem.

Ka-Yeon Kim
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