Chaos in Course Registration at the College of Law

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At the beginning of a new semester, this always comes along. It is the time when you look through the course registration book for weeks or days in advance, agonize with your friends, or put the "course blocks" into the blank slots in a schedule chart like you are playing Tetris. Course Registration always lets you know that the new semester is coming and determines how your new semester will go. However, what if your course plans were really nothing more than a piece of paper and your registration becomes a war bet with thousands dollars?
Course Registration is not only a day to sign up for the courses that you wish to take but also a very important step in organizing your four-year plan of study and completing the course curriculum that is required. It is obviously better to take mandatory liberal arts classes and basic major courses when you are a freshman. In addition, you want to make sure the positioning of courses is in order considering the relation between courses. Those are what you need to plan for in advance rather than killing yourself to get into famous elective courses. Indeed, it is success in course registration that makes your educational dreams come true.
Screwing up in course registration happens often, but it is nothing more than failing to get into a class that you wanted to take because others were faster than you. In this case, you can always sign up for other classes or courses even though your are not one hundred percent satisfied. However, what if this was not the case? During course registration this semester, a lot of students in the College of Law went through the a veritable chaos in course registration.
An anonymous student (sophomore, Dept. of Law) seriously considered not registering at all this semester right after she was done with her course registration. It was not planned in advance, but it seems that there was no other choice since she could only get a spot in one course she needed. Supposing that students usually take 15 credits, one course was not even enough for her to reach even half of what she needed. Then, is registration a war waged with thousands of dollars? That was her reality. It did not make sense for her to fill the left over spots with liberal arts courses, but all of the sophomore level courses were filled with not even a single space left for her. She only could sign up for upper level courses, but it was so obvious that she would not be able to follow the course material without taking the prerequisite courses.
“I called the department office, but the only response I could get was just sign up to the courses no matter what your current class is. That situation did not happened only to me, but the office did not tell me about any plans for opening up additional sections or more slots in the classes I need,” she explained. “I barely could fill my credits after the extended and corrective registration period. But what I ended up with is not even close to my educational goals, and I cannot forget that I was so anxious until the last minute because I had no idea whether I could get into any class or not.”
School authorities says that course offerings are sufficient considering the number of students. However, it should be noted that most of the students take at least one class again and a lot more students are now in Jukjeon Campus since most of the students from Cheonan Campus moved along. During corrective registration, most of the students could get in to major courses.
While the School of Business Administration opened the exact number of spots and sections assigned for first and second registration to help their students, other departments were not so responsible, telling students to "take the leftovers, because there is no other choice."

Ji-Hyun Kwon
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