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   Among 75% of the students, only 10 students have been communicated with school.


Do you know Dogani Law? Last year in the movie "Silenced" the head of a sheltered housing facility raped children with disabilities for several years. Fortunately, this incident became widely known thanks to a teacher who worked in the facility. But the assailant's punishment was delayed due to lack of evidence. Meanwhile, this incident went public thanks to this movie. People were outraged about this and started gathering signatures. On the basis of this incident, Dogani Law was established to prevent crimes like this one. Incompetent laws disfavoring the weak were overcome by the strength of citizens' voices.

Like in this example, society is being changed and developed through members' voices in that society. How about our school? Is our school continuing to develop on the basis of students' voices? ‘I cannot find anything I like in our school,’ ‘I have no choice but to attend this school.’ We can hear conversations like these easily in the subway or on the bus when we commute to and from school. But I really wonder if these students have spoken their voices to school. The Dankook Herald (DKH) investigated the real state of Dankookians who are only waiting for a bright future without doing anything to ensure it.

DKH did a survey of 50 students at Jukjeon Campus and 50 at Cheonan Campus, totaling 100 students. We asked their satisfaction according to four areas including school facilities, program management, classes and school business. Firstly, in the aspect of school facilities, 38% of the students showed dissatisfaction. In program management for programs run by the school, such as job fairs or mentoring, yielded a higher percent at 41%. For classes, dissatisfaction showed a low percentage at 26%, compared with other parts. And in school administration and campus services and businesses dissatisfaction occupied 39%. Overall, about school 75% of the students showed dissatisfaction and 25% of the students showed satisfaction. Through this survey, we know that most students are not fully satisfied with their school.

Among these 75%, many students have tried to communicate with the school? Surprisingly, only ten students have communicated with the school. Why do they tolerate their inconvenience? Among students who have not made propositions, most of them answered that they do not know how can they complain to the school. Also, many students answered, "It is too much trouble," or "I am not motivated to change things." Some students reacted negatively, saying, "I think that it won't change a thing."

Have can they improve problems? We investigated the level of participation to know students' initiatives within school. We asked if they had participated in programs or used convenience services on campus, like major mentoring, job counseling or studying abroad. Only 29 students answered “yes.” In fact, most of those 29 students only participated in major mentoring. Students who had not participated in anything said, "I'm not interested," "I did not know," "I think that school has to publicize more." Does the school block the way for students to speak their voices and participation or do students lack the will? DKH listenes to the school's stance.

First, to investigate the participation of students in administration service, we contacted Jung-Mi Lee, Manager of the Division of Human Resources.

“The administration service team is open to communication about student complaints or suggestions," said Lee. "You can use this on the community menu in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage. Administration service accepts student complaints online and requests to the relevant departments for feedback within 72 hours. Also, confidential writing is assured to reduce the burden on students. In addition, the Administrative Service Committee has meetings in order to arrange the school's direction and quickly solve complaints.”

She spoke of the speed and ease of use of administration services. However compared with administration services, the number of suggestions is only five or six times.

“Students were actively using administration services more than ten times weekly in the beginning of the semester. But now, suggestion are shrinking on the message board. I think that students will continue to use administration services at this level as long as there is lack of awareness and publicity. As administration services opened late last year, students are still not accustomed to this new service. However, we analyzed total of the online board to file a complaint such as 'Ungseong Ungseong,' 'Dankookie,' board by students' monitoring. Thus, if students want to try various communications, we will be able to provide improved administration services,” she added.

Thus, Dankook University (DKU) has very systematic and prompt administration services. Moreover, each department's issues are resolved intensively. However, while schools attempt to communicate with students in matters, if the attitude of students to communicate is unprepared, there won't be any change. Our students lack a sense of ownership of the school. If we just complain about the school as a spectator or passive position, our distrust of the school will keep on growing bigger. What about you? Maybe you might be shouting to a friend at the shuttle bus stop or in the classroom.

When small forces gather together they can achieve higher power, such as the Dogani Law. How about trying to have our voices actively? Speak out about your complaints to the school, not your friends and the board, not the shuttle bus.

Eun-Jung Cho
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