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University freshmen are delightfully laughing on the grass. On the other side, some students are sparking up learning through enthusiastic debates, and campus couples are whispering love on the pavilion next to the lake. On the edge, two students are asleep under the mild sunshine and snoring with book covering theirs face.

This is the scenery of university that many students imagine before entering. But now, reality is on everyone’s lips of freshmen’s mouth. The Dankook Herald surveyed freshmen and found that one word‘ Freedom’is what they dreamed of before entering. But now, students who can confidently say that “I know the real meaning of freedom”are not many. We investigated the disappointing aspects of the university life that freshmen found.

While university students enjoy their school life through diverse cultural activities and entertainments in other counties, college students here have became people with indolence and lethargy, treating‘University=Alcohol,’they are disappointed in the realities including. A military-like strict atmosphere, continuous patterns of simple high school education and pressure of sculpturing their future. For freshmen who are wandering in a disguised freedom, two seniors give advice here!


Jae-Gu Yeo (Dept. of Molecular Biology, Junior, ROTC first year company commander)

Freshmen may be busy finding their position in rapid changes. Since the reality in university is different from what you expected, I think that you must be complaining. Like the many sympathize, it is the fact that ‘University=Freedom’ is placed in our society. But you must not consider a given freedom as a resting period and waste your time. I think that way that a person can utilize the given freedom for oneself is to make plans. Henry David Thoreau said “If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

Designing every day of yours can be yardstick of a successful life in university. In process of designing your time, I especially request the presentation ability. The most important value as an university student I think is presentation skills which can express yourself. You could find your hidden talents and release them. You would respect relationship with other people, and could express yourself. These presentation skills may be the core of university living. Especially you must recognize the freedom as not being dragged but taking an active approach. Please enjoy your university life with a positive mind and always be ready and pioneer the future.

Se-Hui Jang (Cheonan campus, Dept. of English, Junior)

Freshmen experienced the campus life just about a month. You know that, the freedom that you dreamed of, came to you but you are worried about the way to feel this freedom. Then what should we do to spend our time usefully while feeling true freedom? When you are admitted to the university, setting your goal is the most important thing. Some of my senior friends struggle with employment because they didn’t set their goals in advance. I want you to set your goal for the future. It will be wiser to set specific goals as a freshman than to make your goal in the last minute before you join the workforce.

Also, when you find your own goal, you should find and act related to your future. For instance, you should find the web site related to your major or your goals. Additionally, I recommend reading newspapers. You may think reading newspaper is a small thing. But, it is the best way to broaden your perspective about society. You may find it difficult to read at first. But, as you read more and more, you might find yourself more intellectual. And also, there could be some problems related to money when students prepare for their future. My major is English. And my friends including myself teach Korean, English, and Society as a part-time job at the academy. It is a satisfying part-time job for us since it is related to our major and allows us to share our knowledge. I think you can kill two birds with one stone by obtaining a part-time job related to your major. But, the best way that I really want to recommend is getting a reward through internship or contest. In some contests, you can receive some of the funds as you just participate. As I mentioned before, preparing for the future is important. But, enjoying the campus life is also important. I scheduled my trip efficiently and went on a backpacking trip to Macao and Hong Kong with my friends. Macao and Hong Kong use both Chinese and English. So, it was not difficult to talk with local people. If you schedule appropriately, you can have some enjoyable trips. How about going one or more backpacking trip abroad? Finally, what I want freshmen to remember is, you keep yourself busy. It does not matter whether you study or just have fun. The point is don’t waste time and use your time efficiently. I’m convinced that you would have a satisfying campus life if you be passionate whatever you do.

What did you feel through these two seniors’advice? Did you find your own arrival sign at the confusing campus life? DKH hopes you have found some answers for you to enjoy your ‘Freedom’appropriately on campus through this article. Whether you can enjoy spending four years on campus with passion is up to you. Now the choice is all yours. Well, we prepared the track and a stepping stone for you. Now, it’s time for you to run. 3, 2, 1, for your spectacular future, go for it!

Dae-Seung Go, Chan Lee
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