President Ho-Sung Chang Signed Reciprocal Arrangements with Six Universities in U.S.A.

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President Ho-Sung Chang visited the L.A from April 4 to 10 to create global
academic networks with academic institutions and industry.

On this visit, DKU made reciprocal arrangements with the University of California(UC) Irvine, UC Merced, UC Long Beach, UC San Bernadino and established foundations for partnerships with UC Fullerton, California Polytechnic University - Pomona. And by these agreements and foundations, DKU becomes an international alliance of leading universities globally. Partnerships between these institutions with complementary academic strengths can result in the development of educational programs.

A sufficient number and range of student as well as professor exchange program opportunities, possibility of launching a Korean Language Center, research collaboration and etc were discussed. President Chang said “I would establish an office in LA as the first step to make DKU as a leading global university.” Ever since DKU was relocated from Hannam campus to Jukjeon campus, the University has been preparing the fundamental base to establish academic partnerships with leading global universities around the world.

These particular agreements to newly establish partnerships with American universities have a significant meaning since these will bring about practical exchanges and collaborations providing unique value propositions to students and a quality of education that would have taken individual institutions a much longer time and greater effort to achieve.

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