What Is Your Lifework?

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From the book that I read recently, I got one question to think about. The
question is ‘What is your lifework?’ Even though it is somewhat simple, I cannot
easily respond to the question However,I believe that everyone would be difficult to answer it, not just for me. Most people probably don’t know meaning of the lifework, and even if they know this word, it would be hard for them to clearly answer it. A dictionary definition of lifework is the main purpose or activity in a person’s life. Of course, the theme can be anything, it doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Then ‘what is your lifework?’

Currently, there’s no fixed or obvious answer for this. People become down-to-earth as most of society members look for a high grade in schools and great jobs. Because of this, what people get is a vague anxiety and stress, and this turns people out to be rushing with getting things done. Then, they end up with being unable to answer the fundamental questions such as finding out what their lifeworks are.

Actually, the answer is here within ourselves. Dorothy, a main character of ‘The Wizard of Oz, ’have an adventure to go back to her hometown. But, the road to get back to her hometown actually exists within Dorothy, herself. Not the more, the road what we want is here within ourselves. You have to look at yourself if you don’t want to waste your time and energy, and be bound by social ‘rules’such as good grade and career. Go forward to the path that you really want to achieve.

Maybe, it is only in my case to connect lifework and goal with same meaning. But from now on, I am going to make these words synonym. Because I believe that what we need is not the goal of number figures, but the goal which contains the concept of the lifework.

Therefore, I want my goal to be equal to my lifework, and hope
that everybody does it in a similar way. Then, people will not be tied up with downto-earth restrictions, and become happy. Going towards the goal is not easy for everyone, and there is no knack that makes it easy.

However, we need to work on this hard work constantly for our bright and happy future. The most important aspects to find out the lifework are patience and passion. In order to do so, wouldn’t it be better to do things what you really want? What we have to do is enjoy our daily lives for the future, not enduring the reality for the happy future.

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