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▲ Dankookians participating in Dankook Sports Festival.

The Dankook Sports Festival hosted by the Jukjeon Campus was a four day event that began on Sept. 25. A 10km race, soccer, basketball, dodgeball, kickball and futsal were the featured sports of the event. The opening ceremony was followed by a run to kick off the first day. Fifty-seven people took part in the race which began at 11:00a.m. Park Ji-ho (freshman, Dept. of Chemical Engineering) finished first, recording a time of 37 minutes 55 seconds.

The first soccer, basketball, dodgeball, kickball and futsal matches were held later in the day. The Colleges of Music and Law withdrew from the dodgeball tournament while the College of Natural Sciences withdrew from basketball.

The games resumed on the second day with many spectators cheering on their departments. Only the Dept. of Polymer Science and Engineering withdrew from the futsal games. Seo Beom-seok (freshman, Dept. of International Trade) steered his team ‘Business 14’ to victory in futsal, displaying advanced techniques.

On the third day, rain saturated the grounds and all games except futsal were suspended for the day. ‘Great IU’ (Dept. School of Business administration) won the futsal championship with a score of 7-2.

On the final day, the College of Education won the kickball championship with a score of 10-0 against the College of Engineering. The College of Education also defeated the College of Engineering in dodgeball. The College of Business and Economics defeated the College of Education in both basketball and soccer.

Overall the event at Jukjeon campus was a disappointmentn for students. There were no provisions for rain, so students felt something was lacking. It was a simplified sporting event because it opened in conjunction with the annual student festival. There were no games for large groups of students to watch together, but rather only small teams cheering on their specific departments.

The Anseo Sports Festival also was held at the Cheonann Campus in the Main Stadium on Oct. 8. The total 8 departments participated in the Anseo Sports Festival.

▲ The Anseo Sports Festival was held at Cheonan Campus.

There were 9 types of competitive games. In the basketball game, the College of Sports Science defeated the College of Dentistry by a score of 37 to 64. The College of Sports Science and College of Public Service drew in their soccer game with a score of 1:1, so that they had to play extra time. As a result, the College of Public Service won the game. The College of Economics and Commerce won at dodge ball and volleyball. In the ten-legged race with nine, the group jumprope, and tug-of-war, the College of Health Sciences, College of Economics and Commerce, and College of Resources Science each won a game. Lastly, in the relay, the College of Resources Science took first place as the Anseo Sports Festival came to a close.

Dankookians looked a little tired during the festival. However, they actively participated despite being fatigued and the event finished safely without any accidents.

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