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Last August 17, the Korean Broadcasting Art School hosted the KBAS University Song Festival. The champion of the festival was surprisingly a team of Dankook University students known as ‘P.P CREW’. The band is composed of normal students who major in practical music. They also won second place at the ‘Money Today’University Song Festival. After hearing the good news, The Dankook Herald (DKH) decided to find out more about P.P. CREW for our readers.

▲ P.P. CREW is performing on the stage.

DKH: Please introduce the members of yourband.
P.P. CREW: We are all majoring in the same department, practical music. There are Yang Suhee (senior, she does the rap part too), Lee Uijung (senior), Kim Bo-reum (junior), and Shin Juro (freshman) as vocalists. Then we have Jeon Mi-ran (senior), Choi Hee-won (junior), Kim Hyung-pyo (freshman) on keyboards, Kim Daeyun(senior) on drums, Gwon Tea-woo (freshman) is our bassist, and No Se-in (junior) is our guitarist.

DKH: How did you all met and what does the name ‘P.P. CREW’ mean?
P.P. CREW: We all met at an ensemble class last September. We worked musically in good harmony, so we decided go out to play band music on the street. The ‘P.P. CREW’ was named by Ui-Jung, and originated from ‘Pi-ppi Crew.’ We wanted to be seen cute, though we are not. It also symbolizes pure people.

DKH: What do you think was the secret to your success in the Festival?
P.P. CREW: We’ve got three things. Songs, skills, and visuals. It sounds like a joke, but it’s true. Of course, we also practiced hard a lot.

DKH: Please explain about the song which was gained glory at the festival.
P.P. CREW: Yang Su-hee wrote the song. The lyrics contain a story about a girl thinking about her ex-boyfriend while she is drinking with her friends. She misses him for a moment while she’s drunk, but soon comes back to herself and stays

DKH: What kind of music does ‘P.P. CREW’ aim for? What is your identity?
P.P. CREW: We mainly deal with soulful music based on hip-hop and R&B. We try to do music that people can easily sing along with and songs that remain in their thoughts.

DKH: What is your performance plan?
P.P. CREW: We have performed consistently since last year. We have put on shows at Hong-ik University, but we also performed at the Galleria in Cheon-an for Dankook University’s 35th anniversary during the second semester last year. We performed on Sept. 3, 19, and October 23 at Hong-ik University of this year. We will keep trying to perform steadily if the time and the place permits.

DKH: Seniors in your team will graduate. How will that influence your members?
P.P. CREW: We want to go with this team as long as possible. Unless there is something in particular that prevents anyone from continuing, we want all of our members to keep going with this group.

DKH: What does the future hold for ‘P.P. CREW’?
P.P. CREW: We have 12 of our own songs now, and are all writing more, so you can expect new songs of different colors. And we will also continue to perform constantly.

DKH: Any last words that you want to say?
P.P. CREW: We hope that Dankookians get interested in P.P. CREW and keep our name in mind. The victory from the festival is just the beginning for our team. Please come to click ‘like’ on our Facebook page, and come to see our

The five seniors of P.P. CREW came as representatives of their team. They looked awkward and shy at first, but soon the interview went in laughs. As they were all proud of their group, they were hoping to generate much more interest in their work. It is an interesting fact that Dankook University has such talent, and they
deserve our attention and interest. Pay attention to P.P. CREW.

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