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When we see or hear something that you had never experienced, we always
set up our own standard before we recognize it with our own sight. The PC
room, DVD room, motel and casino are for leisure, but now we are recognized
them as negative places. Their original purposes are being lost! Then, let’s see
why do we have misconception on them and what are their real purpose.
First, we are going to see what they really are for.

PC room is a place where people can surf the Internet paying the fee per hour.
In the past, computers were not common to general public due to the low consumption of computers and expensive internet service fees. Through PC rooms, slowly started to increase their consumers and soon they gained popularity. However, these days the PC room is recognized as a place for game addicts that even make a new word appeared such as ‘Crippled game addicts.’

Motel is originally known as ‘Motorcourt,’ and it is the combination of ‘motor’ and ‘hotel.’ The motel was first introduced in a small cabin in Dallas, Texas in 1908 which offered a lodging service at 50 cents per night. It was located along the road to give tired drivers a place to rest or sleep for the night. When Korea adopted motel, the original function of it drastically changed. It became a place of disorder and corruption. Therefore, when somebody spends a night at a motel, it makes us think many disgusting things.

DVD room is cheaper and more comfortable than movie theaters. It is small,
cozy, soundproof and there is a sofa and a wide screen LCD which provides the
perfect conditions to watch movies. However, DVD rooms are being misused
that it has been recently undergoing harsh criticisms.

Among the facilities that we just mentioned, casino is the oldest cultural place of history. In the beginning of casino, it was a social place for the people who want to establish friendship. But today, it turned into a gambling place located near the beach or in a recreation place. Moreover, through the latest press news, now it is known as a place which people dream to make money and fortune.

So, The Dankook Herald did a survey. We asked 50 men and 50 women ‘what
they think when they hear such words like DVD room and motel?’ 54 people
answered negatively and just 18 people answered positively. 19 of them said soso
and 9 said other things. The reasons of negative answers mostly were that broadcast media often point out only their dark sides and they believe that
their purposes are originally inappropriate. The positive answer resulted was mainly based on the belief that they are places where people can enjoy their free
time. Why do we hold this misconception?

Prof. Lee Sun-yi (Dept. of Psychology) said “Places for leisure time should
have their original function as well as other functions,” and she said, “However,
other functions may stand out more than their original function in realty.” If we compare movie theaters with DVD rooms, movie theaters cannot provide any private place for a couple to spend some real private time, but DVD rooms can. The purpose of ‘how to use it’ is different for each individual, but it might be misused disregarding its original purpose. In other words, we create other functions by ourselves. She continued saying “Especially in our country, many
bars, adult entertainments, hotels and motels are connected to each other and
gathered in one specific place for commercial reasons. It is true the places for
leisure are being misused since our system is more flexible.” Our society is
heading towards a service based society, customers can buy any service they want with money. We shouldn’t just ignore this reality because it can have a negative effect on our society exceeding the limit permitted within the society. Also, our community has become more openminded compared to the past. However, the problem is that we are still judging our surroundings with a moral view. In other words, there are open and progressive sides and conservative sides coexisting in our society that show duplicity causing irony.

Apart from that, our cultural places are being misconceived because of our
desire. Prof. Lee said “PC rooms and casinos should not be regarded as disordered places, but they are used to satisfy people’s desire and escapism. For those people who are very dependent, it is possible to satisfy their desire at one of these places but it will have negative influences if they cannot control themselves.” PC rooms and casinos are not a matter of moral problem compared to DVD rooms and motels because they are more opened. They do not seem to be disordered nor obscene, but it is true that they have bad images among us.

Broadcast media and the press also are responsible in terms of our misconception. They show just negative sides of those places ignoring their original function. For young people who always surf the internet, it is natural they slowly fall into a misconception.

Is not there any solution to recover the real meaning of our cultural place?
Prof. Lee said “It is difficult to change our reality, but it is a matter of great
concern whether we will change our attitude or have will to change the reality.”
Let’s take the real meaning of our cultural places back and try to understand

Ka-Yeon Kim, Sung-Min Kwak
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