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  Have you seen the documentary ‘Life After People’? It features the hoover dam and describes it as one of the world’s most effective hydroelectric power plants. The hoover dam has a 320㎥ water storage capacity which is equivalent to eleven times that of the Soyang River dam, Korea’s representative hydroelectric power plant. Experts in the documentary explain that while most other ordinary buildings will vanish within 200 to 500 years even without human intervention, the hoover dam is built to last about 10,000 years. A hydroelectric power plant works as long as there is water to support it. As a result, the hoover dam has a man-made lake that is about 593㎢ area which is comparable to the area of the city of Seoul. We explained the features and characteristics of hydroelectric power plants in order to better understand their operations. The Dankook Herald gathered information from entrepreneurs developing similar technology. We spoke with Park Hye-rin, a representative of Enomad (Enomad: Energy + Nomad) a company which strives to develop new independent energy solutions.

▲ Park Hye-rin (Co-representative, Enomad)

 Q. Where did you get the motivation to start Enomad?
  When I was sophomore, I went to India. I realized electricity is not provided to everyone in the world. I also saw the barricades to opportunities caused by being excluded from the service of electricity. I got interested in renewable energy as a new energy solution. I wanted to provide a reasonable, stable, and sustainable energy supply to everyone. That’s the reason why I founded Enomad.

  Q. Can you tell us about the beginning of the business?
  Was there well-made infrastructure? Someone told me a newly made enterprise is like an infant, as it gives you new problems every two hours. Actually we founded the company with a grand plan and dream, but we have encountered a lot of trial and error over the past and still see it today. However, many seniors who had already launched new enterprises helped us a lot with new opportunities and introduced us to other many good teams, so we’re growing steadily.

  Q. What was the toughest moment for you?
  Choosing to believe in myself and sharing that belief with my co-founders, co-workers, families and others was very hard for me.

  Q. One of the most important things in founding company is to differentiate yourself from others. What factors distinguish your company from others?
  I think the combination of skilled engineers, designers, and planners who possess a will and plan to make the world a better place is the strength and specialty of Enomad.

  Q. As far as we understand you’re in the tidal current energy industry. How did you decide upon a business that creates electricity with water?
  Flowing water is a sustainable energy source that has a lot of potential because it possesses a higher density output as compared to other natural energy sources. As the latest energy consuming products become more efficient, micro-energy and pico-energy are more important. We regarded this trend as our opportunity. We developed a product that supplies energy through the use of tides instead of the current water power generation that makes use artificial waterfalls.

  Q. How did you begin to produce electricity by using water?
  The density of water is much higher than many liquids, so that the energy has a lot of potential. The efficiency of recent products is garnering greater attention, while energy utilization is also increasing. For this reason, I thought it was good timing. I started to develop a product which provides electricity via running water, rather than an artificial waterfall.

  Q. The last project of Enomad was the Cheong-gye Smart Charging Station. This system charges smartphones via power generated from the Cheong-gye creek. How did you come up with this idea?
  There were two reasons why I started this project. One was to confirm the belief that running water is, in fact, able to be used to make energy. The other reason was to show off a refreshingly new source of energy and that there is value in offering the service even if the amount of electricity required is small.

▲ A man is trying to charge his cellphone

  Q. How did people react after they saw that project?
  A lot of people have used it and sent us positive feedback. Many people spent time talking and listening to music while managing the project every night. It showed that even a meaningless place can become a comfortable space for people. As I watched these results evolve, I was motivated to go forward.

  Q. Enomad is earning positive reactions in other countries too. Nowadays, do you have any work being prepared?
  I’m making a generator with water power and miniaturizing it to make it portable. We’re ready to launch the item aiming at the outdoor market. Please keep an eye on us!

▲ He is installing generator

  Q. Do you have any comments for Dankookians about starting a new business?
  I wish all their dreams in the world come true, so they can make a more interesting tomorrow. Businesses can be started from very small things. Therefore you should pay careful attention to your surroundings. Ideas can come from the smallest events and the most pertinent needs. This doesn’t mean it will be easy to find new ideas, but rather it takes a process of positive, and methodical thinking. Positive thinking does not mean hoping for high profits. It means that you believe it is possible to realize your dream. Being in a hurry to do something leaves you vulnerable to mistakes. People only behave impatiently when they are uncertain about the future. If you continue to make an effort, you will eventually achieve your dream. Don’t be afraid to fail. Do what you want using positive energy with regards to your future.

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