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  There are many unique jobs around us; music therapist and exercise therapist are prime examples. Music therapists treat people with depression or anxiety to overcome their problems through music. Exercise therapist help people understanding the best kinds of exercise in order to get and stay healthy. These are just two examples of fields that are evolving, where their unique jobs are increasing in demand, there are many more out there.

  The Dankook Herald (DKH) interviewed Dankook University graduate Lee Ji-won (musical director, Media Baek-mook). He directs movies and handles stage management. He is currently directing a new musical.

▲ Seoul Jung-nanju musical produced by Lee ji-won.

  Q. How are musicals made? Please give our readers some details on what goes into the making of a musical.
  There are nine steps. First is the writing of the script. The script needs to be finished before anything else can happen. In a musical, there are many groups supporting the director, such as the sound team, the choreography team, the stage design team, the stage lighting and special effects team, and the costume team. Each team works according to script. Once the teams are ready for the show, we can start auditions. All the teams and the actors take part in the readings, and full rehearsals.

  Q. What is the difference between being a producer and a director?
  The producer focuses on the external work of art and the director handles the internal work of art. Many people get confused between the roles of a TV broadcasting producer and director, and movie and stage producers and directors. Their responsibilities are definitely different. The job of a musical director is high-stressed, however I’m very proud of myself. It is important to learn to communicate with others because the director is always talking to actors and support staff. In addition, the director also needs self-belief and confidence. The director is responsible for the whole stage, therefore it is hard to be successful if you don’t believe in yourself and you aren’t confident.

  Q. If someone wants to work in the musical field, are studies related to musicals necessary?
  You don’t have to study musicals to work in this industry. It is more important to understand what you are doing in musicals, philosophically. Having self-confidence is also very important. You can learn from others, and get technical help from other staff, who have their own skill set. 
  Mr. Lee directed the musical Seoul Halmang-Jung Nanju in September. He always looked after the problems between staff and the actors, or between the actors themselves. “I know that trouble always happens. Therefore, I tried to hold private meeting with staff or the actors and had many conversation reassuring them,” he added.
  People take a trip to feel refreshed and enjoy awesome experiences in life. So how can a travel consultant help? The DKH met Park Eun-seon (travel consultant, Dong-bang travel agency). She has worked in the industry for 8 years.

  Q. What kind of work do you usually do?
  As a travel consultant, I design travel plans. Nowadays, a number of people want to take a trips with their own goals in mind and their numbers are rapidly increasing. Therefore, I think the role of the travel consultant is to help them travel the world with an efficient travel plan.

  Q. How do you make a travel theme?
  Most travel agencies focus on customized services. They tend to classify clients into two categories based on standardattractions arranged by age group. For instance, if customers are elderly people and want to see beautiful landscapes, we arrange for them to take a walk and enjoy the views.

  Q. When you make a plan for customers, what is the biggest consideration?
  The customer’s opinion takes the big part, of course. It also depends on the budget and this is the most important thing. There are two kinds of customers, one that chooses a low-cost package and the other one that choose a high cost package so they can enjoy everything about their trip, as much as possible.

  Q. What do you have to do to be a good travel consultant?
  Please give us some advice. It is helpful to major in tourism. This does not mean that there is a disadvantage for those majoring in other departments, because we need very kinds of experts. For example, we want a person who is good at speaking in diverse languages to communicate with our foreign customers. On some occasions, it is impossible to talk in English except in the Asian region, so you should be proficient in a particular language if you need to work in a certain country. We also need people who have management knowledge in order to deal with customer service satisfaction.

  Q. Do you think your job suits you? Have you had any problems you have had to deal with?
  At first, I underwent a process of trial and error. I thought I was a well-prepared travel consultant, but I suddenly realized that when operating travel agency, which is service industry, it is more important to keep up with customers than with making terrific travel packages. Furthermore, although I had not professionally studied travel services, I thought I already had a plenty of information about journeys, but I could not vouch for my travel packages when I did not know about them fully in a professional manner. It surprised me. So after this, I decide to study ceaselessly not to be embarrassed as a travel consultant. Thanks to these hardships, I am highly satisfied with my job now.

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