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  In Korea, the famous web-toon ‘Cheese in the Trap’, a story based on the lives of university students, has recently become very popular. As a result, web-toons and other programs based on the lives of 20 somethings have been shedding new light on the generation. ‘Naver 20 pick’ covers the daily lives, employment, extracurricular activities, relationships, and studies of university students and readers can sympathize with their lives through the use of art forms such as cartoons.

▲ The logo of Geul-Greem (Writing & Drawing)

Dankookians (students of Dankook University) enjoy reading comics and creating cartoons. ‘Geul-greem (Writings and Drawings)’ is a club whose purpose is to promote a wide range of understanding of comics and the creation of pure cartoons through the appreciation and critique of animation. The Dankook Herald (DKH) interviewed Kim Hyun-woo (Junior, School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering) and Park Sung-hwan (Junior, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering), leaders at the club.

  Q. What is the main activity of ‘Geul-greem’?

  A. Since it is a cartoon club, the main activity of Geul-greem is to read cartoons. There are hundreds of comic books available at any moment in the club room, which has 20 years of history. Also, there is a cartoon-viewing activity once a week. Members watch newly released animations or well-made classic animations via computer, and obtain more knowledge about cartoons and animation in depth. Moreover, we publish our own magazine every November. According to each year’s selected topic, club members write or draw cartoons and illustrations as contribution to the magazine. Members are also currently publishing cartoons and animations for ‘Naver 20 PICK’ every week.

  Q. How did the club start publishing work on the site, ‘Naver 20 PICK’?

  A. In May 2015, Naver recruited site editors from various clubs all around the country.  Our club, Geul-greem was one of the groups that was approached for contributions. We published content on Naver for eight weeks as site editors. The response to the content was good, and we were offered an official editing contract from Naver, so now we are working as official site editors.

  Q. What is the genre and story of the work you serially publish on ‘Naver 20 PICK’?

  A. We used to write postings that introduce readers to cartoons that had lessons, or that stimulate people’s emotions. Now, we write about cartoons that people in their 20s watched on television as kids, but are missing pieces of the puzzle in their memories because they had not watched the whole series. Basically, we write to fill up the missing parts of your memory sketchbook. We write about masterpieces, which are usually works completed between 1990 through until 2010; that represent fond memories for people in their 20s.

  Q. How do you plan or produce a piece that is serialized?

  A. We focus on comics in the old days. We try to pass along our old comic knowledge and information to readers. Our members also analyze a lot of comic movies that many people want to see again or that many people don’t remember because they saw it a long time ago. Some comic movies included serious or difficult topics. Our purpose is to ensure that as many people as possible understand these old comic movies or get to know more about some they have never seen before. When those kinds of things happen, readers better understand our postings on Naver 20’s pick. We always put an effort in to ensure as many readers as possible can understand and have fun with our posts.

  Q. While preparing work, writers can fall into a slump. How do you overcome any slump?

  A. Our team members check all the comments which readers write on our posts. In my opinion, ‘likes’ and comments are more helpful than the number of followers or hits, because the number of ‘likes’ and comments are made by people who actually log in to the site. I think the reaction of those readers who are having fun with our work is the best compliment. When readers say thank you to us, or tell us they are anxiously awaiting our next serial, we are really grateful to them and it inspires our continued production. We think their ideas and opinions are helpful when producing serials, so we take their opinions into consideration a lot. Therefore, the reaction of readers is one aspect that helps us overcome any slumps.

  Q. What kind of work do you want to do in future, and where do you see the direction of your activity heading?

  A. Our club wants to show readers our own original stories with various themes and produced by members from many different majors. In 2016, the direction of our club is in the pursuit of happiness. If all of our members are happy and if they have fun in this club, that is enough for me. It is important to upload quality serials on Naver 20’s pick, but it is more important to ensure a good mood between our members in our club.

▲ An activity as an editor of 'Naver 20 pick'


  Many students, and in fact many people, have watched comic movies since they were young. The ‘golden age’ of comic movies or programs are especially important to the 20 somethings of today.  We freely and easily watched a variety of different kinds of comics back in those days.  Today these memories bring us back to a time in history where our souls and minds were unconstrained. This feeling of freedom is the driving force for us to make a better world. All Dankookians should never ever forget that freedom.

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