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 Students are always planning the tasks they want to accomplish during the semester and during the breaks in between. As it is the start of another new semester, most Dankookians (students of Dankook Univerisity) have likely already set several goals they wish to achieve in 2016, including good grades, new certificates, high language scores, and so on. Accomplishing these objectives is not always easy, but The Dankook Herald (DKH) has 2 tips that we hope will help bolster your chances of success.

  Our first tip is to be sure to use your time wisely. Plan what to do and do it. Keeping a diary will help you make firm plans and stick to them. But what are the best formats for planning? The DKH recommends two formats for you to choose from. There is the ‘Bullet Journal’ or a ‘Chronodex’. These two formats are similar in that they are simple to use, but they differ only as the Chronodoex uses time to keep track of objectives and sets targets and timelines for achievements. Many people use both of these methods, so it is best you choose the one that is most comfortable for your lifestyle.

▲ People used to start writing plan diary when established goals.

  A Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system. Under this method, you can easily write task lists and check off your things to-do as they get done.  To keep it organized you can draw a small box beside each task and place a check mark in the box when it is done.  It is the most basic, but most practical format. You can also get a little fancier and customize the task list further by using a lot of icons symbolizing the type of plan it is or you can color code the tasks according to your desire to accomplish them, mark an x when you don’t achieve an objective, and draw an arrow to indicate you postponed something.

  The Chronodex diary is different in that it is based on a timeline.  It uses a special stamp that divides the page up into 24 hours and you list what you need to do according to the timetable. You can also record your tasks by time zone, if you so desire, so you can use it when recording travel schedules. Many people use this method for both travel and daily tasks and find it easy to use.

  The DKH interviewed Jung Ji-hye (Senior, Dept. of Sociology), who is a Bullet Journal user and asked her opinion about its validity. She said she wanted to spend the school winter vacation in a meaningful way, so she started using a Bullet Journal. She admits she is not good at decorating her diary and finds long descriptions difficult to read, so she opted to use a Bullet Journal because it was simple to use and easy to read. The DKH asked, what in her experience, were the pros and cons of this type of diary. “The pros are that it is simple to use and easy to read and the main con is the amount of time it takes to record tasks and accomplishments. And when using a Bullet Journal, writing a summary of a long idea can take time,” she mentioned. Lastly, the DKH asked if the Bullet Journal helped her achieve any goals. “I registered for an English academy during this winter vacation and by using the Bullet Journal, I was able to keep track of and complete a lot of homework. It was very helpful for me in achieving my goals and for using my time wisely,” she answered.

  Another tip the DKH has for students deals with different ways to study such as the ‘SR-method of learning’, the ‘Blue pen method of learning’ and the 'Kyu-hyun method of learning'. The DKH looked into just what exactly these methods of learning are and how they can help you achieve your semester objectives.

  SR stands for ‘soft review’. It means to review learning materials with no stress. The 'SR' method of learning purports that repetitive study is the best method.  There are 3 steps to this method of learning. Step one, underline keywords in the study material. Step two, check the keywords again and use a highlighter. And finally in step three, read your material. Reading it 10 times using this method is more effective than reading it 3 times.

  The 'Blue Pen' method of learning is very different in that it requires a pen and a notepad. Using this method, a student writes everything the teacher says in class. It doesn’t matter if it is important or not. When you keep writing thoughtlessly, the information is automatically absorbed and eventually you know what is important and what is not. This method of learning is arguably the easiest way to study.

  Lastly we have the 'Kyu-hyun method of learning'. The way to do this is by playing the role of teacher. Pretend there are students in front of you, and teach them. The person who created this method liked Super Junior’s ‘Kyu-hyun’, so she named her imaginary student Kyu-hyun. With this method you can choose your own favorite idols, actors, and athletes and imagine that they are your students just to make the process more interesting.

  To see which method of learning a typical DKU student recommends, the DKH interviewed Kim Yun-kyeon (Sophomore, Dept. of English Language and Literature). Her preferred method of learning is the blue pen approach. The reason why she chose this method above all others is simply because she likes blue. When she first starting using this method, she didn’t know it was an official method of learning. She simply thought it was helpful for her to write everything the teacher said, so she remembered more details. In time she was able to figure out what information was important and what was not, so she saved time taking notes. But there was one con, which was that all her notes were written in blue, so when she opened her notebook to study, she felt a little overwhelmed reading it at first. Also she needed a lot of blue pens during the semester. Despite those minor drawbacks, she said it was best choice for her to use this method of learning. It really helped her study and her grades increased higher than ever.

  Writing a diary will help you plan and execute your plans. It also helps you keep track of your things to do at a glance. For those students who do not have their own consistent study method or are getting poor grades with their existing study method, we urge you to try a new approach! One of the methods discussed is sure to suit your learning style. The DKH hopes all Dankookians start off the new semester more efficiently using these 2 tips.

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