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▲ People are reading a book at Midnight Bookstore.

 Many people like watching movies or reading books in their spare time. If you are already one of these people, how about combining them from now on by watching a ‘screenseller’? A screenseller is an original novel that is adapted for screen and becomes a big box-office hit. For example, movies, such as ‘The Martian’, ‘Carol’, ‘The Throne’, ‘DongJu; The Portrait of A Poet’ are typical screensellers.

 In Korea, people in their 20s spend their money watching movies and reading books. The reason for is their busy lifestyle. They want to spend their spare time enjoying it. Watching a movie impacts people’s feelings and reading a book gives them knowledge. These two stimulants create a synergy for intellectual nourishment.

 First step is deciding what you want to do first; watching movies or reading books. There are many ways to select books. Surfing the internet surely is a one way, but searching for titles through specialty magazines is better. For example, “Cine 21” is a magazine that contains many special articles about screensellers. There is also an app called “Giant’s Shoulder” and it offers you numerous services like book searches, book reviews, and sharing functions. Also, book cafés are expanding every day. People are seeking more atmospheric and convenient places to read not only common novels, but comic books, magazines and other genres of books.

 There are many ways to watch a movie. The simplest one is to go a movie theater near you. If you wait for the last Wednesday of a month, which is called ‘Culture Day’, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., you can watch a movie at a discounted price. Other ways to enjoy movies include using some services. There are mobile networks that offer discounts, free tickets and points to redeem for movies. Furthermore, an internet café, called “Out Campus”, offers you a lot of opportunities to attend movie premieres.

 So are these the only ways to find a screensellers to enjoy? The most common way is to search Internet portals for reviews. But many of them are similar in many ways and some of them follow trends too much. There are several other ways to find good and useful reviews.

 CGV Art House has many events. The best events are their movie re-openings and the GV (Guest Visit). Independent films and art films focus on a wide array of topics; which can expand your selection options. In addition; there are some programs where people talk live with movie and book critics. The books selected relate mostly to the past year’s feature-length independent movies, and include comments by the directors, viewers and critics.

▲ You can subscribe to on YouTube, iTunes and Podbbang Podcast.

 He recommends university students join in on book meetings. The club ‘Youth, open your book.' is active in encouraging youth to read. Recently, Mr. Park and the club have been promoting the idea of book meetings with university students.

 Lastly, the DKH asked him to recommend some books. He mentioned two books; one is the 'Story of Pie', a famous screensellers with a memorable story. When he was in the military, he read this. The other book he recommends is 'And God said, let's talk about me a little.' The writer is not famous, but the storyline and literary style are special. He added that he likes finding books by new and talented writers.

 With these various ways, you can enjoy your leisure time with a bit of culture. The screenseller market is growing and the range of topics is expanding. Why don’t you join a book club or invest time to find out what you are interested in? It will be a turning point that shapes the quality of your life in the future.

윤정애, 이상현, 장지원
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