Student Council Midway Report in Jukjeon and Cheonan

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▲ Logos of 2016 DKU student councils in Juckjeon and Cheonan.

 Last year, Kkum-Kkuneun (KKN) in Jukjeon Campus and Da-won in Cheonan Campus became a student council of Dankook University (DKU) at each campus. They both gave lots of election pledges. Now, until September, 2016, the Dankook Hearld (DKH) wants to know about implementation of public promise with Dankookians. So the DKH and Newspaper of DKU, which is written in Korean, jointly cover and investigate the percent of implementation jointlyhow the student councils implement their promises.

▲ Pledges of KKN.

 First, the DKH check out KKN student council in Jukjeon Campus’ pledges. Dankook University A (DKU) student council’s pledges, in Jukjeon Campus, take effect in self-inspection by the DKH. The DKH made a chart of public pledges to examine more easily checked one by one with the thought of DKH and interviewed several departments of DKU and president of each 11 college. The DKH checked KKN student council what they have done with until second semester and what they can put into action.

 Following to the The DKH self-investigation of DKU, this result shows up that only 36% commitment was carryed out in this year. Most of highest pledge that KKN student council fulfilled was dormitory pledge. They redeem their pledge 100% that related with dormitory pledges.

 No.1 composes of 6 different details. In this part, they showed up 33% of implementation. KKN student council triedcarried out the actions, Romantic 31, and summer vacation bucket list event. However, they didn’t implemented periodically some commitment as reading challenge, romance busking, making liberal arts, or installing the garden in front of Beomjeong Hall.

 No.2 also composes of 6 different details. This part of pledge also showed up 33% of implementation. They succeed with pledges like student council booth pledge and being a helper to packing for moving.move.Other pledges like student council TV, student council weekly magazine, a consumer cooperative and Bob-tudy(student eat lunch with similar interest) didn’timplementedimplement unperiodically or never implement by KKN.

 No.3 composes of 10 different details. KKN student council succeeds 30% of pledges. For example, minority human rights committee in DKU and oppose unilaterally restructuring were proceeded in this year. However, easily viewable accounting document, against hooligan and rest of other six pledges was unobserved in DKU. Some of them can be thought enacted, however, it was just enacted similar things by other divisions in DKU.

 No.4 has 22 different detail pledges. In No.4 part, percentage of fulfillment was very higher than other. It showed up 55% that KKU student council succeeds the pledge. The shuttle bus between Suji-gu Office and DKU, the ‘Noondo’ pledge didn’t in effect this year. If they enforced the shuttle bus between Suji-gu Office and DKU, the number of shuttle bus between Jukjeon station and DKU would be decrease. Also, ‘Noondo’ company was closed in this year therefore KKN student council can’t imposed their system. However, other pledges were all going along nicely. Also pledges related to dormitory were all going succeed.

 However, pledges related with DKU cafeteria and convenience store in DKU weren’t performed well. DKU cafeteria wasn’t managed by cooperative society. Therefore, they couldn’t construct direct management and arrange linear desk in cafeteria. Convenience stores were also can’t be managed by cooperative society.

 KKN student council were also failed at bringing 1 a year free credit system, paying tuition by credit card, and making application of secondhand bookstore. They tried to rent accommodation during examination period to Dankookians (students of Dankook University) but, Dankookians should pay for the rent cost. Also, they didn’t upgrading upgrade the Dankookian’s lounge.

 No.5 composes of 5 different details. This part was also showed us higher percentage about 60%. Dankookians can get free Micro Microsoft office software and working support system. But, TOEIC scholarship and assistance to business starters for social enterprise were not taken effect.

 Lastly, No.6 pledges are related to each 11 college. The numbers of pledges were total 22. KKN student council fulfilled only 18% of pledges. However, Tthe content of pledges was similar with pledges that each college also promised. According to our investigation, tThey are trying to discuss with DKU to implement the pledges with DKU.

Although they implemented about 36% of their pledges, they received a favorable evaluation about 2 points, which is  was do not included in their pledges. By changing cafeteria as CU, many Dankookians presented problems like dismissal of workers at the existing cafeterias. So DKU offered buyouts for workers and they can work at the DKU again. And the other is an opening of new gate between reading room 3 and 4. By solving problems of going back, it also can also be chosen good things what they do.

▲ Student president of Cheonan campus.

 Secondly, the DKH interviewed DKU Cheonan Campus student council, Da-won. Their main commitments in 2016 were several things. The most they put effort for reducing the tuition fee and improving shuttle bus system. Furthermore, Da-won put an effort toat improve quality of DKU cafeteriaquality. They almost had done with reducing tuition fee, making smoking booth and making high quality of school festival. Da-won said, “We tried to gear up for some credit card system in the shuttle bus. However, we were bit low on budget; therefore it might be done on this semester. And school cafeteria was on the bidding but the DKU want to leave their cafeteria company when the contract until it’s done. Feminine vending machine was rejected because we thought there would be no demand at all. So we changed it to install normal venting machine and it is 70% done. Finally for the men’s lounge, we thought using conference room at the spare time can be good enough and we are working on it.”

 Da-won tried to put differentiation with 2015 the student council in 2015. Therefore, they made writing and composing a cheering song for DKU in Cheonan Campus cheering song. They will abolish committee of preparing graduation member. Da-won also prepare injection of cervical cancer. In this semester, they will prepare Anseo Sports Festival. Also they will support the song festival with Halloween party concept. Da-won also ready for baking up the academic Seminar and global volunteering program.

 Like this cover, every year, the DKH examine each study studnet council in Jukjeon and Cheonan Campuses every year. Following our investigationevaluation, Tthey couldn’t succeed every single pledge. However but they are trying to improveforDankookians’ welfare. They sometimes qualify opinions of Dankookians which they complained and worried a lot. If you are one of the DKU student, you have a right to receive school welfare during this semester. To guarantee our rights to study, and live, Dankookians should recognize what they are doing and keeping on eyes to them. The student council of 2016 only haveleave about 2 months to implement their pledges. Until they finish their term, Dankookians including the DKH wish to put efforts to communicate with students and fulfill their remained pledges to bring them to a successful conclusion.They have only half of term left.If you are one of DKU student, you have right to receive school welfare during the semester. Dankookian should recognize what they are doing and keeping on eyes to them.

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