The Blooming Do It Yourself Culture

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▲ A DIY wedding ceremony in outdoors

 There has been a standard process for planning a marriage in Korea for a long time. However, nowadays, young people are raising questions about the necessity of all the expenses. When many couples plan a wedding, they need to decide on the scale and form of the wedding, including the dress, the photos, and the location. There are a lot of things to prepare, so most of couples have traditionally opted to enlist the services of a wedding planner. This leads to considerable costs, and as a result, many couples are forced to delay the ceremony, because of this often extraordinary financial burden.

 According to the National Statistical Office (NSO), an average wedding and marital home will cost a couple around 238 million won. Faced with this extravagant expense, the 'Do It Yourself' (DIY) generation has taken to finding their own solutions. They cut costs by removing unnecessary steps and they aren’t disappointed because the entire process is handled by themselves, according to their own tastes and needs.

 The ‘DIY wedding’, also called the ‘self-wedding’, includes taking care of everything from the wedding photos, to finding a dress, renting an ideal wedding hall, and doing their own makeup. All of these do it yourself tasks save them money, because they do things like purchase their wedding attire over the internet at a much cheaper price or even rent a dress at a moderate rate. Furthermore, hair styling and make-up can be taken care of by friends or acquaintances. In the case of wedding photos, couples can take their own pictures according to their own styles and taste. Unique DIY outdoor wedding halls are also growing in popularity with young couples.

▲ The room decorated with DIY interior

 Moreover, DIY interior design is also a blooming trend and as a result, newlyweds are taking to remodeling old house by themselves, instead of buying new homes. By doing themselves, couples save money and get a home designed by them, according to their own style. They choose the wallpaper and flooring and purchase furniture that suits the mood of house and their utility needs and can top off their decorations by adding their own personally selected charming accessories too. Through DIY interior designing, couples can put together a home that they really love. The popular TV show ‘The Dignity of My Room’, shows people how you can DIY at home. In addition to TV shows, people can get ideas from the Internet or even many shops. With the growth in DIY popularity, many businesses catering to the DIY culture are popping up all over the country.

 For university students, ‘marriage’ seems close enough to think about, but far enough to not make it a priority because they need to finish studying and find a job first. However, The Dankook Herald (DKH) tracked down a soon-to-be-married couple to hear how they are handling their upcoming nuptials. We spoke with Joo Eun-hye (29) and Shin Hyun-seok (27) who are currently planning their wedding and first home and are doing it all by themselves.

 We asked where they got ideas for their DIY wedding. They said, “we were searching the web for ideas when dating, and came across the ‘DIY snap photos’. Of course, we knew that wedding photos were an important part of any wedding, but we didn’t want to take posed photos for a photographer in a studio. We didn’t think we would be able to pose naturally, so we decided on DIY photographs using a camera, a self-timer, and our tripod.” Prior to the photo shoot, they chose their outfits and put on make-up. The couple also picked ‘Gangmun Beach’ in Gangwon-do for the setting. This place is known as “the shrine of snap photos”. They took the actual wedding photos by themselves using a tripod, and putting the camera on timer.

 As compared to the average wedding photo-shoot, the couple were able to save approximately 700,000 won by using the DIY method. They weren’t obligated to purchase photo frames or albums, and the photos were edited by the couple themselves. In addition, they saved money on hiring a photographer, needlessly expensive clothing, coronets, and bouquets.

 The DKH asked them to tell us more about the shooting. “It wasn’t easy because we were doing it all ourselves. We didn’t really know how to pose and kept having to run back to the camera to check the pictures. As a result, we couldn’t get the best kissing photo. After we checked the photos, we laughed for a long time because my husband looked more like a pervert than a romantic during that staged intimate moment.”

 Lastly, we asked if the couple learned anything from the DIY wedding process. “We were dreaming of a simple wedding, so we didn’t put much meaning into the photos, and so we can easily say our wedding was a success. That’s why I want to suggest the DIY wedding to people who have the time to spare and who aren’t interested in extravagances. However, for couples who dream of the perfect wedding, we suggest they put in their best efforts, regardless of the costs, in order to make their dreams come true.”

▲ A DIY wedding photographs with Joo Eun-hye (29) and Shin Hyun-seok (27)

 Many young people are turning to the ‘DIY’ process when it comes to weddings, but also when decorating their homes or travelling with friends. They make plans by themselves and make them happen for a lot less expense. Through the DIY movement, they cut costs, and increase the value of their entire experience, while investing the time it takes to make it all happen.

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