Dankook, Dream 2016

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 On September 27, 2016, Dankook university (DKU) held an event, called Dankook, Dream 2016, in celebration of the 70th anniversary of DKU. 500 people were attended in this ceremony; including Kim Dong-ho (Chair of universitydevelopment consultation), Jang Chung-sik (Chairman of the board), Jang Ho-sung chancellor, the sponsor, potential contributor and alumnus in variety of fields. This event was greeting sponsor of DKU and also sharing vision and development of DKU.

 This ceremony has divided by section one and twoAt section oneAli (the class of 03Contemporary Music) started the performanceThe president of DKU gave a speech of greeting and introduction of the attended people, delivery ceremony of the development fund, and presentation ceremony of appreciation plaque in order.The amount of the development fund is 9,358,000,000 won. The section two started by piano performance of Kim Jung-tak (Professor of contemporary Music)the musical performance of Dankookians with singer Wheesung, and Song So-hees performance (Freshman, Traditional Korean Music),. Finally, Jang Ho-sung delivered an address of thanks. Also, Kim Dong-ho, who is the chair of university development consultation, said a special word of thanks to all attendance and contributors. Finally, this 'DKU, Dream 2016’ is finished in celebration and impression.

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