Dankookians Win Grand Prize at 6th Mock Content Dispute Settlement Competition

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 Due to the huge development of the content industry in modern society, content conflicts have inevitably increased. In fact, content is considered as the most important factor in any area where ideas are being commercialized. However, when it comes to content disputes, it is very complicated to resolve related benefits, copyrights and so forth. Therefore, settling content disputes through arbitration is considerably better than with lawsuits and can help those involved avoid the zero-sum game and instead see a win-win out of such complicated conflicts. Since 2012, The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) has held a Mock Content Dispute Settlement Competition every year to cultivate professional legal counsel for content disputes in the future. At this year’s competition, team ’Hwai’ from Dankook University earned the grand prize. The Dankook Herald (DKH) interviewed them to explore more about of the process of content dispute settlements and the know-how required to win the grand prize.

▲ Team 'Hwai' in DKU earned the grand prize in the 6th Mock Content Dispute Settlement Competition. (photo by etnews)

 Q: What does Hwai mean?

 A: In Korean, ' Hwai ' means smooth and gentle, which we believe is the best descriptive word for arbitration because there is a rather flexible aspect in litigation. In addition, there was an event to find which team has the best team name in the middle of the tournament, and ‘Hwai’ was also placed second. 

 Q: What are the procedures for a mock dispute contest?

 A: The first step is to submit adjustment applications and scripts for building hypothetical situations regarding content conflicts and resolutions. After passing the first test, an orientation is given to all participants. The topic of the content conflict is discussed, in this case VR, pointing out what specific parts or entire products could be considered a potential conflict. Having heard about the purpose and process of adjusting for the dispute for nearly eight hours, we were ready to prepare for the competition. Then, the second step is when we decide to conduct mock dispute arbitration. Although the contest is not well known, we recommend that anyone interested in related fields participate.

 Q: What ideas helped you win the competition? 

 A: As VR Industry is developing, so are the relevant content industries. And visiting a VR ski resort led us to pick the ski slope as a topic. We found out that there are many contents such as ski resort slopes, courses, and floor plans that are potential conflicts and targeted those items. For example, screen golf was used to steal plans of a real golf course for their games, which led to a lawsuit. In cases like these, content disputes arbitration is preferred over difficult trials, because arbitration will help the parties agree on future contracts, fees and promotions. So, we talked about an arbitration solution for the VR ski resort that used plans from a real resort for the contest.

 Q: What are the strengths of Team ‘Hwai’?

 A: The merits of our team are that each team member has different abilities, so we can work on our own in each area. Of course not everyone was meant to get together, but they had their own field. First, as a team leader, Jung Jun-yong coordinated the team's overall progress. Kim Jung-kyu is familiar with practical legal issues. Park Da-hyo took on the design part and did Photoshop, Screenshot, and our ppt. Yoon Yeong-bin makes good videos, so he made a video presentation, too. Kang Seung -hee was in charge of economic affairs and handled economic charts and compensation for damages. Jung hyun and Yoo Hyun-woo offered intensive advice on the know-how of conduct during the contests. Our team's composition seems to have been highly ideal for this competition.

 Q: What was the most difficult thing about preparing for the competition?

 A: The preparation time was so short! Since the first preparation period was very tight, we had to prepare 100 pages that included building hypothetical content disputes and solutions in just two weeks. The second test was a mock tune-up in front of people, and we had to finish the whole presentation in 20 minutes. Due to a lack of time, the second test was a little regrettable. However, our team leader made a good plan to meet the deadline, so we could finish it well without delay. If the team leader had gone ahead without such a plan, we probably would have never completed the report. The team leader's leadership helped us to overcome these time constraints. While most of the team members were older than the team leader, we were able to overcome the time limit relying on his leadership.

▲ The 'Hwai' team leader Jung Jun-yong and member Kim Jung-kyu are answering questions in the interview with the Dankook Herald.

 Q: Do you have any advice for Dankookians who want to participate in a mock dispute settlement contest?

 A: In fact, many teams go different ways when preparing for this contest, but it is important to keep the content as the key. While focusing on the coordination of disputes, many teams consider the external legal issues rather than the content. However, it is best to focus on content as the emphasis is to make adjustments according to the characteristics of the contents. Also, the panels are legal prosecutors, so they demand the participant be more professional. Since words are different in the field of law, you have to make reports with the exact words you need. So we received a lot of help from our academic advisor, Professor Son Seung-woo and Professor Nam Ki-yeon. Be sure to ask your professor or an expert for a correction before submitting it.

 Team ‘Hwai’ said they weren't sure they would win. There were no signs of winning, and they even though some of the teams did better than they did, so they were pleasantly surprised when they called ‘Hwai’ as the winner. They spent almost every night working for their goal and they devoted their entire vacation to this process. The DKH hopes you challenge yourself with something someday too. You never know what a little hard work and confidence can reward you with.

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