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   Have you heard of recommended recruitment? It is a form of recruitment where a company presents benefits such as exemption from document screening or granting additional points to specific university students and requests the recommendation of excellent students. Dankook University (DKU)’s Office of Career Development and Entrepreneurship provides a ‘DK Talent POOL’ service.

▲ A Poster of 'DK Talent POOL' (Photo from DKU Portal)

   DK Talent POOL is a pre-registered service to select the optimal student by analyzing various conditions such as major, job type, workplace, and salary. Dankookians (Students of DKU) enrolled in POOL can apply for recommended recruitment and be assigned a professional consultant to review cover letters and prepare interviews. The consultants analyze Dankookians who meet the criteria, encourage them to apply, and even provide follow-up management such as corporate analysis and interview strategies.

   You can access this service through the Young熊 Story website. Enter the ‘Job Search’ menu, click the ‘Recommended Recruitment Information’ banner, and find the ‘DK Talent POOL’ banner at the top. Be sure to upload your representative resume and cover letter in the portfolio menu before registering. Dankookians who are having a hard time job searching, why not use DK Talent POOL to overcome it?

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