Sweet Temptation of Cheating l

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Recently, according to a survey on a portal site, when students were asked "Have you ever cheated after entering a university?" 66 percent of 900 students replied "Yes, I have." The survey shows that how many students cheat in university, for example, plagiarism, cheating in an exam, substitute attendance, etc. So The Dankook Herald checked our university situation about cheating in many aspects of schoolwork.

On September 4, some of Dankookians had a discussion about the topic of "How do you think about cheating in schoolwork?"


Seung-Woo Han, the Dept. of Polymer Science and Engineering,

Hyun-Sung Kim, the Dept. of International Trade

Jung-Woo Hwang, School of Computer Science and Engineering,

MiMi Choi, the Dept. of Economics


Q1. What do you think about cheating in schoolwork in university?

Hyun-Sung : I have seen cheating traces on the desk. Also I have heard that some students save formulas on electronic calculators or write them in the intervals of electronic calculator buttons in the College of Engineering.

Seung-Woo : It is a serious problem to submit a paper or a report without clarifying the source after collecting data, but the experiment report which is written with friends would be overlooked.

Q2. Why do you think cheating prevails?

Jung-Woo : Because professors or instructors don't supervise closely, students could cheat in the exam. Also cheating such as reports of plagiarism and substitute attendance seem to happen for the same reason.

Seung-Woo : The subjects of majors are so hard and have non-fixed-answer exams. Students study hard during the exam term of these subjects, but some subjects which require just memorizing and correct answer incite students to cheat. Also I think that many students cheat to get good grades.

Q3. How can we eradicate cheating in schoolwork?

MiMi : There is a method that all freshmen should complete the subject of 'The prevention of cheating in schoolwork' for a required subject, in which they learn cheating examples. And then they announce and write a pledge that if I cheat, I will take any punishment.

Jung-Woo : We have to launch a campaign that cheating in schoolwork is bad for you, with a campaign that can help students to overcome the temptation of cheating. Likewise in this discussion meeting of today, we need an open forum that many students can talk freely. It is important that making students recognize the seriousness of the present condition.

Seung-Woo : We should stop students from cheating physically. For instance, when students take an exam, as soon as they enter into a lecture room, professors should inspect the surface of desks and rearrange students' position and create a grave atmosphere. How about asking the university to add a cheating item to lecture evaluation and professors to do their best for the prevention of students' cheating in schoolwork every semester?

Through the discussion, we realized immoral behavior in schoolwork is done more than expected. We could find some reasons for them in the professors' indifference, the attitude of students, and the atmosphere of school. Therefore, our university should force students to take a class like `Preventing Immoral Behavior in Schoolwork' and strengthen the punishment about immoral behavior. And also it is important to change students' thoughts via a campaign which can improve their recognition about cheating in schoolwork.

Dan-Bi Won, Chan Lee  dkherald@gmail.com
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