Sweet Temptation of Cheating ll

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Also DKH interviewed professors with the question of how they think about cheating in schoolwork.

Prof. Moon-Hee Yang, Dean of `Dept. of Industrial Engineering`

Q.1. How do you deal with a student who cheats in the exam?

I regard him or her as a cheater in the exam when he or she catches my eye while trying to find where I am. Actually I don't point out their cheating on the spot because I don't want to hurt their honour. I don't say any word to them but write down the student's name and give the student an F.

Q.2. What should we do to root out cheating?

Actually, there is a good way to root out cheating if we get a strong budget support from the school to increase proctors: two proctors supervise 40 students while testing. However, this way has a restriction in the class which takes tests more than 5 times. Another way is to ask the office of academic affairs to strengthen the punishment.

Prof. Sang-Woo Cho, in charge of the subject of basic writing

Q.1. What is the reason that cheating in schoolwork takes place?

First of all, it mainly comes from students' attitude toward schoolwork. In the case of an exam, there are two types of cheaters: students who didn't study at all and students who studied for the exam. The former is nervous and cheats in the exam. The latter also feels nervous about the exam, so he or she makes a cheating sheet. And there are subjects which teachers can't evaluate students through description test. But I think it is also a problem that teachers give students multiple-choice questions or questions with short answers although they can assess students through descriptive test questions.

Q.2. Actually, in some foreign universities, there is a strict punishment for students who cheated in the exam. What do you think about it, compared to that of our university?

Actually, I envy the culture of foreign university that if students plagiarize other's ideas, the school would give them a strict punishment. However, I think it is better to use the carrot instead of the stick for both of them. In other words, it is better to make cheaters retake the course or to put off their graduation than a strict punishment.

Q.3. What can we do to root out cheating in schoolwork?

I think professors must give punishments severely: they should deduct many points or give an F. Another way is to paint the walls or desks with cheating signs. Also report piracy, professors should become a member of the web-site which students often use and try to catch students who plagiarize.

Q.4. Do you have any episode related to plagiarism?

I have an episode about a report. At first I didn't know that the student bought the report through the internet. But I found another report with the same content during teaching two different majors in the same university. So I asked the two students about whether they had been sharing together or not. But they said that they bought it on the internet. Also, I have an episode about sub-attendance. A student attended his friend's class while giving up his own class. Fortunately, I found him because I knew his face.



Our university made some rules about giving someone severe punishment when he or she cheats in schoolwork. But these rules have not been carried out well, the school has depended on the students' conscience, and times passed thus. As a result, cheating in university has widely spread. In this situation, it is hard to stop it by the university alone. Therefore, we have to create an atmosphere that professors regulate cheating thoroughly and students never think of it.




Engineering calculator

Engineering students can use an engineering calculator during the test. They misuse this advantage through saving some formulas in their calculator or writing them in between empty spaces of buttons. That is the reason professors check the calculator and press the reset button before starting the test,

OHP film

Some students print contents of the test in the clear and slim OHP film. And put it under the test sheet or on the floor. It is not detected easily when seen from the upside, so they can cheat in the exam avoiding proctor's eye. For that reason, proctors check students' desk with a flashlight before and during the exam.

Transparent automatic pencil or ball-point pen

Some students roll the cheating paper written in small and dense characters and put it into the transparent automatic pencil or ball-point pen. They take it out secretly. It may be difficult to read characters on paper if they are too small or the eyesight is not good. Also, it can cause confusion when you don't know which part of the paper you should look at.

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