Issue 294 Herald Quiz

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1. <International> □□□□□□□□ welcomes a new year 3 times; one for the solar calendar, one for the lunar and one for the Thai calendar which has been made throughout the centuries.

2. <Society & Culture> One of the main reasons why people love this novel, Take Care of My Mother, is the mother’s love towards her □□□□□□□□ is described as boundless, whether she is ignorant and weak or smart and strong.

3. <Cover Story> DANSMA is a club for society of the Dept. of Sports Management. Our aim is to become □□□□□□□ who can manage all kinds of work and activity about sports.

4. <Science> Wooden pellet is the next generation □□□□ which can be reproduced because it is manufactured by leftover wood and timber sawdust.

1. <Cover Story> □□□□ is a shortened word of 'Toron Mugi' in Korean. The club was made 4 years ago in School of Journalism and Communication with the purpose: study for debate with current issues.

2. <Review> We usually think wine party is for friendship and enjoyment, but one thing is added in this place: donating money for children who suffer from a rare, □□□□□□□□□ disease.

3. <International> Unfortunately, it's true that most of our sports except short track  are in low level and people also show less □□□□□□□□ in them.

4. <Herald Focus> GTN(Global Talent Network) the organization composed of students, takes a role to help □□□□□□□ students search information easily and swiftly.

5. <Editorial> People began to avoid the food which contains trans fat and companies took action. They started to make ‘trans fat □□□□ food’ to relieve from consumers concern about trans fat.

6. <Cover Story> Most of clubs for society has □□□□ their own meaning and aim these days. For example, some of clubs for society have changed to a tool for just promoting friendship among the students.

You can confirm the winners in March 2010.


Yong-Hyun Song
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