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In spite of the cold weather, Dankook University shared its love with the citizens who live near the campus through volunteer work. In Jukjeon campus, project 'Muhan Nanum' gathered exterior sponsors and raised money with Dankook students, graduates, staff, and stores near the campus in 2009. 22 volunteers donated 500 sack of rice to Yongin-si and volunteered in 'Han-wool handicapped community facility.' On January 1, 2010, 14 volunteers called 'Yeoreosi hamke' gave the rice to each household behind the campus.

  In Cheonan campus, the General Student’s Association raised money and gave briquettes to elders who live alone in Cheonan. The General Female Students' Association also visited 'Je-il sanatorium' and volunteered to make 800 kimchies. However, the General Student’s Association of each campus said that last year, Dankookian's participation of volunteer work programs in campus was not sufficient. The staff of 'Muhan Nanum' stated, "To encourage students to volunteer, we posted the programs on the school homepage on December 24. But, student participation was lower than we had hoped."


The General Female Students' Association of Cheonan campus making kimchi.

②The General Students' Association of Cheonan campus donating briquette.

③Project team, 'Muhan Nanum' donating rice.



Why is student participation in volunteer work so low?

Firstly, it is university's lack of publicity. To investigate, DKH did some research comparing

DKU’s and other universities’ volunteer system and their publicity tactics.

Catholic University

Soongsil University

Dankook University



volunteer = credit

One credit is given when completing one subject of volunteer work. Can gain up to four credits.(Can do volunteer work abroad when completing this subject)

Must complete one subject of volunteer work (one credit). Can receive three additional credits when doing social volunteer work.

Can receive one credit by doing social volunteer work for 32 hours. (College of Medicine, Dentistry: 40 hours)



activities to encourage participation in volunteer work

Through a book titled 'Sarang-nanugi,' they encourage students to participate in volunteer work. In the book, there are volunteer experiences, volunteer facility information, and the thoughts students’ after they volunteer.

Encourage students' participation of volunteering through making social volunteer groups. (Holds a contest about volunteer work.)

Not decided. When the city makes a request, notices are posted for students to volunteer and volunteer hours are given from the specific facilities we took.



aiding volunteer work abroad

Supports 50 to 60 students once a year. The connection between the 'Korean University Council for Social Service' and the school supports 2 students twice a year.

Including summer and winter, they support 15 to 20 students 4 to 5 times a year.

Supports 4 to 5 students once in the summer, the winter, and in between. (Cheonan campus supports 70 students in the summer.)

publicity of volunteer work

School homepage, electric bulletin board, book and brochure of 'Sarang-nanugi.'

School homepage.

School homepage, School community site.





According to the chart, we can see that the Catholic University uses a more variety of ways to notify their students than DKU. They do this by notifying students to participate in voluntary services with pamphlets and by making the news more appealing through displaying it on electronic sign-boards. Soongsil University supports more abroad voluntary programs than our school. Furthermore, Korea University founded voluntary service organizations for each college and is going to provide activities fitted for their specialized majors. Through that system, they hope that the recognition of volunteer work will spread to the whole student body on campus. Hongik University has a system of noticing students by sending e-mails to each of the students. The ways to encourage students to access school notices are numerous. Universities can inform students by using pop-up in school homepage, controlling font size of notices, publicizing by connecting with volunteer clubs.



<TIP - The Course for Voluntary Service Credits System >

The Course for Voluntary Service Credits System gives us a way to serve others easily. It is a core curriculum for graduation. Students who entered our school after 2001, must take this course to graduate. To get credits, you have to do voluntary service because existing system receiving credits by taking a class of voluntary service has been abolished. It is allowed to be exempted until the second semester as a senior, and all you need to do is receive a signature from the college counselor and hand it in to the Register's office. Formerly, it had to be examined for authenticity, but hereupon it is admitted if it has a signature from the head of department. Available places to do voluntary service range from helping rural areas, Welfare Facilities for the Disabled, Social Welfare Organs, Libraries, School voluntary service activities and so on. Furthermore, blood donations are four credits, and organ donation is admitted as a completion to the curriculum. If you are exempt from voluntary services, you can confirm if it, but cannot accept one credit. Exemption is available for disabled students, students who receive commissioned education, foreign students, and men of national merit.

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