Preparing for Employment at School-The First Step towards Getting a Job-(II)

By Ka-Yeon Kim and Eun-Hyun Hwang Ka-Yeon Kim, Eun-Hyun Hwangl승인2010.03.09l296호 0면






DLP-The 5th member of DLP Tae-Jin Park
Dept. of Electronic Engineering (Jukjeon campus)

DEP-The 1st member of DEP Ji-A Hong
Dept. of Public Administration (Cheonan campus)

Q. How did DLP or DEP help you? Can you explain in detail?
Park: DLP is not a Spec(specification) but you will learn how to demonstrate your abilities and experience when you get a job. I think the real strength of DLP is the ability to solve problems and the self-introduction education when you get a project. It is helpful to exhibit your problem solving and judgment ability. For example, the judges ask questions that make you confused because they want to know what is not mentioned in your resume. Therefore, DLP reenacts those scenarios so we get used to the crude atmosphere. For me, DLP developed my potential.
Hong : The greatest thing for me when I was in DEP, was the exchanges among students of different colleges. DEP selects certain students from Humanity, Society and Engineering and etc, so you can make a lot of friends and through this process I learned about social life.  

Q. DLP and DEP gave real practices in interview and writing a resume. We want to hear your experience.
Park : We continuously had work-shops and special lectures. For example, we had 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People' and leadership competency development work-shops. Also, we had 'Plan and Presentation' and 'Global Business Etiquette' subjects but they were only for the students of DLP. DLP program teaches writing resumes, doing interviews, vocalizing, preparing documents and presentations. While preparing for my future, I realized that I should practice this daily instead of just for the future.
Hong : DEP invited real judges, workers in actual companies or professional helpers for carrier development, and students received education that can be helpful in real life. Also, the classes run mainly in group work, debate, and experimental work more than lessons. So, you can receive new experiences and excitement.

As you can see, students can prepare for their jobs practically by following DLP or DEP. You can develop your skills participating in different programs. If you take part in this, you will get a great result. Wouldn't be good preparing for your career through job programs? 

The manager from Cheonan Career Services Center said with a wistful smile, "freshmen and sophomores can make themselves ready if they come. It's a pity that they can not take advantage of the center because of their indifference." At present, those using the Career Service Center are fixed. They are juniors and seniors who are chased by time. Se-Woo Lee, Career Coach in Jukjeon Career Services Center, said "If only students will come and ask for help, we are ready to support them at anytime. Even adding new programs are considerable if there is a request." Every program is opened all the time and makes no distinction between age and grade. To every freshman and enrolled students with colorful dream, we recommend the Career Service Center. Find your way and aim high!

Ka-Yeon Kim, Eun-Hyun Hwang
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