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Students' of Cheonan campus are getting on the school bus to go to school

The students living in dormitory will never understand how painful it is to
commute to school from their home. They wake up early in the morning to
attend the first class and they rush to school. The metro becomes a battle place
everyday. It happens exactly the same when they go back home. Students rush
their steps to get on rapidly train that only comes every hour. That is why
school buses are here for you.

Every morning, students use school buses at the station nearby their home or the one runs around school zone. Dankookians frequently use the school bus service. But how far do we know about it? The Dankook Herald investigated in depth about our school bus service In this section, DKH want to report about Cheonan campus school bus operation.

Most universities in Cheonan, except Korea Nasarene University, provide school bus services that run between their campus and metro station. While Baekseok University, Hoseo University and Sun Moon University school bus services require their students to pay a student charge, DKU, Sangmyung University, Namseoul University, Kongjun National University and others services are free of charge because they concerned students’commodity and welfare facility.

Mi-Ran Park(Dept. of Chinese) has attended school from Sanbon for 3 years. “It is a good our school bus services are free, but I hope the bus would run more frequently in Dujeong station,” she said. Cheonan campus’s bus services are limited and the supply is very short compared to the students’demand. As you can see most students are unsatisfied with its service hours. Cheonan campus school buses run from 8:10 to 8:45 in the morning with 8 buses. In a way, it is possible to allocate buses in certain time without increasing its number. However, it is not as easy as you think.

All school buses of universities in Cheonan must make an agreement with the Cheonan Bus Transportation Association(CBTA) to be able to operate. The office of student affair and the student council have been struggling with school bus services, but the problem is that there are a lot of restrictions from the CBTA.
A manager of school bus in Cheonan campus explained “We made an agreement
with them to run 5 buses in 2006 and we are running 8 buses since last year.” And he continued saying, “According to the CBTA, if we increase the number of school buses they would suffer from reduction of passengers it will cause some cancelations of the city bus lines.”He also said that DKU has already asked to add 3 more buses in the afternoon, the time when students go home, but the CBTA rejected it.

Then, how about increasing the number of city buses? It is difficult because the number of city buses in Cheonan is limited. As their bus system is so restricted, if they increase service hours or decide to run more buses, there would be many empty buses on the weekend when there are few students. The manager expressed “The biggest problem is the relationship with the CBTA. The student council is still finding a way to improve the bus services for Dankookians.

Apart from this problem, there is a problem of equality. According to the manager, school buses operate considering the arrival times of the metro and the
time for the first class accordingly. While Jukjeon campus school buses operate
from the subway station to the inside of the campus, those of Cheonan only run
from the station to the main entrance of the university. So if Cheonan campus
school buses operate according to timetables, the number of passengers has to be limited to the number of available seats on the bus. This is the regulation of the CBTA and if we do so, we must fix the number of students who use school buses. Therefore, although buses run according to timetables, students who came to take 8:40 bus, must wait until the previous one leaves. If it continues like this,
many students will have to wait and they won’t be able to use the bus.

Even when changing bus timetables it must be dealt by the CBTA. Also there are few students after 9:00 in the morning, so it should be examined more. Apart from this, students who go to school from Cheonan station or tollgate want school buses to cover these areas. Though the university is well aware of their inquiries but the number of potential passengers is too few to run the service. The small number of passengers is the main reason why bus services do not operate on the weekend or vacation. All things considered, restrictive system of the CBTA is the main problem.

There is a certain limit on how much the university can listen to. The university
of course cannot attend every need of students as there are external matters as
well as internal ones. Even this situation, DKU of Cheonan campus is trying to
find a better way to improve school bus services. It should be carried with a certain process and be examined carefully. DKU should inform students about every detail. At the same time, Students should not just complain about the unimproved situations but try to understand and look forward as both parties make effort for a better welfare system in the university. Don’t you believe a rapid improvement can only come by when the university and the students cooperate and make some joint efforts?


(The article about school bus service in Jukjeon campus will be continued next.)


Ka-Yeon Kim
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