Interviewing with Cheonan Campus Student Council

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On March 17, many organizations for students, including student council were launched in Cheonan campus. On that day, "We're ready to receive Dankookians' scold for developing DKU," the president of student council, Min-Ho Han stated. Actually you know, there were some good news about DKU at the beginning of this year. So, DKH looked into the plans the 26th student council has through interviewing with two members of the student council.

First of all, we interviewed with Yeong-Jun Choi, a head of welfare committee. Before we go straight into the interview, we need to know what welfare committee is. It is with student council in a single group. But, it is a different and independent organization. In other words, student council takes role in representatives for Dankookians. Welfare committee tries to make Dakookians' welfare better by organizing school bus, the bus for going back home in Chuseok and monitoring Cafeteria and so on. "We will plan to do no-smoking campaigns on the campus and rent umbrellas in raining days and make a group purchase of expensive goods like laptop," he said. "Actually, we know that there are many students of Cheonan campus who are dissatisfied with traffic system, so we're planning carefully and seriously to offer shuttle bus services ," he added.

The planning department head, Soon-Woo Kwon said "Our duty is planning and offering events for Dankookians." This department is planning to hold many events from Beomjeong Soccer Game held on April 5 to Festival on May 17-21 and Anseo Sports Festival in October. At the end of this interview, he wanted to say something to Dankookians. "We want you to know that these events are not for publicizing DKU but for you guys!" And he said "We encourage students to be more involved as long as it does not interfere with their personal schedules" and "From these activities, we hope to unite us into one." We can feel that they try to listen to students' complaints as they said in the inauguration ceremony and try to solve problems from this interview. As one of Dankookians, I really expect their progress like their slogan 'Student Council, flying infinitely for all students.'

Jae-Kyu Lee
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