Becoming Friendly with the New Face

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신고 This address, which seems to look so familiar, is our university's own homepage address. Probably everyone at one time or another has been there. The Dankook University homepage was built for the purpose of providing convenience to the students and staff, and even others who want to know about our school. Though it is 'our' website, still it is quite foreign to us. Maybe that is because the system has been revamped after the need to present good images about the relocation. The school homepage means a lot more than just informing, but a face that represents its institution. Though our homepage has gone through betterment, but it yet needs some more surgeries. Let's try counselling and take advice for what we can do.


It's inconvenient to search the information you want.

There are some problems such as; when searching the word in the search engine and click the search button, the work is done right away, but surfing is not allowed, when pressing the 'Enter' key. If the amount of searched contents is too much, the homepage doesn't provide scroll to read the data. The school has plans to set predictive search input on the main page, reflecting the students opinion.

It has too much of a hassle logging in one by one to use each site.

For the cases of the school homepage or the dormitory website, since the page should be accessed by anonymous users outside the school, users are not asked to type in student ID number but to join as a member and log in. But the Web Information System, E-Learning Campus, and the Library site can be used with no additional membership admission; it is required to enter student ID number. However, there are some pages on the university homepage that I cannot log on to with my student ID number although I am a school member in this school. Such being the case of dissatisfaction has been a constant matter, the school is under preparation of single sign on. If the service comes into action, every site in the school homepage could be interlocked and used only logging in once. According to the program, the ID and password would be united into student ID number and password.

It is hard to find where the school volunteer service is.

It can be easily checked on the menu; right on the QUICK MENU, under introduction about school>>School organization/institution>>Affiliates line. There is lots of complaints when using QUICK MENU and other links. Hundreds of linked websites and pages of each college and graduate school that are connected to the school homepage, those locations are too complicated. We would like to provide various information like a portal as Daum and Naver. However, the space is limited and the page needs to display some school images to attract peoples' attention. As the lack of space brings lack of messages, the school's plans to compensate the defect constantly by offering better search results.


Here we have some more services waiting to be released online. The existing club service will be added with new functions and transferred into cafe services. And personal-blogs homepage services are also expected. Assistant chief Young-Nam Park, Division of Information and Communications asked for interest and encouragement to the students saying "It can take time to search the contents you want as the reorganization of the homepage brings a lot more categories. On the other hand, it means it has better functions and more contents to know about. We wish it could be in practical use to everyone so if there is any inconvenience, please feel free to tell us so that we can make it better".

A face that represents its school. A place where students can find all the school events and welfare, and see what the school can do for us. So you can enjoy your campus life plentifully if you make the best use of it. “The School homepage can be more than meaningful as it gives not only useful information but a tool that builds a respectable reputation of the university among the people outside the university." said a staff from the Public Relations Department. The evolution of the Homepage is the same as human evolution. It evolves with time. What we have to remember is that we can only excel the speed of evolution only when it is accompanied by our lively and active participation.

Eun-Hyun Hwang
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