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By Dae-Seung Go, Hye-Rim Lee By Dae-Seung Gol승인2010.06.02l299호 0면






Her name is Lee Eun-Young, her living place is a rented room nearby the Ori Station. She often sees the place where it used to be a shuttle bus stop at the Ori Station. And when taking on subway or bus, she sighs deeply, because of increasing of the traffic cost by abolition of a shuttle bus. There may be many Dankookians who face the same situation like her. Students living nearby the Ori Station have been suffering from the inconvenience caused by a sudden abolition of shuttle bus from the school. Through abolition of an Ori station's shuttle bus service, not alone students living nearby the Ori station but also many Dankookians are realizing the problems of students' welfare. Is this just one way of school's fiscal austerity? The Dankook Herald investigated the reason of this from a person in charge. Besides, we cover voices of the students, the school and the shuttle bus as a view which is not only school's mistake but shortage of communication among them.




First, we listened to the words of a person in charge of the school. "The cost of renting bus for Ori station's is 1,029,000 won at one day. It is a fact that many students have been discontented with abolition of shuttle bus. But the school had to determine the abolition because of inefficiency that just using on average about 4~5 people and injecting a lot of budget into them."

Many students express dissatisfaction about unilateral decision of the school and the lack of notices in advance. However, the school feel embarrassed for students' criticism because school has noticed it for three years.

Also the shuttle bus has many obstacles by the reason of contracting with ‘Daewon Express,’ not the school's. A person in charge said about the problems of shuttle bus over and over again. But buying a bus is needed to cost at twice. Now a bus to stop at Ori station and KKotme Village twice a day at the time to go to school and home is under consideration. Also, increasing the red line buses has been considered for students commuting to school. What we ask for students is the only one point that please don't jaywalk across the street on Jukjeon Station.

Now let's consider both sides of the students and the bus drivers. Many students complained about unfriendly drivers. For example, just leaving the bus stop, not waiting for passengers though students are running to catch the bus, not turning on the air condition in hot weather and etc. Moreover, they pointed out that the buses don't keep the interval. For instance, if you miss the bus which comes every 20 minutes, you have to wait for 30 minutes because there are lots of people.

But despite many students' complaints, the bus drivers' need is only a mere consideration. "Because may students park their cars near the bus stop, there is no space to stop the bus. Although it's illegal to have standing passengers while the bus is running, students are willing to get on the bus because they do not want to wait for the next bus. If there are safety problems, we are responsible for them. So we try not to allow standing passengers. Also, if we can't see back of the bus because the room mirror is blocked by many passengers standing, there are possibilities of accidents, so we are in an awkward situation.

It causes a contradiction that the drivers' consideration over students' safety eventually causes students' complaints. The most concerning problem is a drunken students. The drunken students express dissatisfaction insulting drivers directly when the last bus does not operate as scheduled. But the basic thing what the drivers want is simple: the most basic courtesy and the safety control.


There are various viewpoints among the school, the students and the drivers. But some of them were biased as those insisting did not listen to what others had to say. What is needed is to consider others' perspectives, not the one-sided criticism. It needs a place for mutual understanding by listening to different viewpoints and making a concession little by little, not just complaining from their own angle.

By Dae-Seung Go
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