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We heard that Dankook University had decided to unite tuition fees at the beginning of this year. After lectures begin, the previous lecture system of 16 weeks was changed into that of 15 weeks. In this situation, a rumor that this decision might be related with freezing tuition fees spreaded among the students. However, most of dankookians were mystified and shocked about this sudden news without knowing any reason. One student asked a professor why lecture system was changed at his first class, but the professor did not know any specific reasons about that. He just said that "This is just a new policy DKU made." This one-sided notice DKU acted caused many students to complain about this decision in Woong-seong woong-seong(the cyber community in the homepage of DKU). In last March, there was a demonstration hosted by student council and students from each college of Jukjeon campus. They said that they prepared and hosted the assembly of students voluntarily, because of sudden one-sided notice which came from DKU. Also, they said this assembly was focused not on desperately opposing this decision, but on protecting the right of taking classes for students as reducing the number of days to take classes. As a result of this assembly, through having a face to face talk between the president of DKU, Ho-Seung Chang and the president of student council, they finished their demonstration, after the president Chang promised him to make a formal apology about this one-sided decision and warranty the right of taking a class for students as possible.


We knew the agenda of this assembly was 15 weeks lecture system. Hence, The Dankook Herlad began to cover the principal purpose of starting this system and the process of reforming educational system. We listened to the words of the person who was in charge of student affairs about this reforming educational system. According to his words, he said the main purpose of adopting 15 weeks lecture system is for improving the quality of class, the efficiency of academic managing and operating classes thoroughly. In other words, he said from this semester, DKU wanted to offer improved education services to students more than before. "It depends on the professor, what I said could be wrong. But, the actual number of weeks to take a class was about only 13 weeks in 16 weeks lecture system as far as I know," "This change will help students to enjoy the right to take 15 weeks classes as possible" he added. Even if it were so, why were we only informed about this decision after lectures began? He expressed his position about this decision "I am sorry not to notify this early enough to students in advance. We should deal with many things about this decision, because this reform was rather made suddenly. So, we could not notify this early enough," "But I hope you guys understand that this reform was not related with freezing tuition fees, it was conducted for improving education services."

Is it true that this reform educational system was not notified to student council as like student council said in assembly. Therefore, we asked him again about this question. He said before 15 weeks lecture system was decided, there were not a few meeting for this reform and they(the staffs of student affair and both campuses student council) had several talked with this from last year to January of this year. he also asserted "On January, there was a conference which focused on developing DKU. At that time, both student councils agreed this reform."



▶ The last day of semester was shifted a week ahead from this semster. 

We interviewed the president of jukjeon campus student council to know what a staff of student affairs said is true. The president of student council said "Actually, it is true that we talked about 15 weeks lecture system with them on last January," "And we said to them we should progress and prepare this decision slowly, after we check the validity of this and whether it is legal in education law, and then the conference was over". He let us know what's happening at that time. "I am sure that at that time, they also approve our suggestion," "But, later suddenly they notified us when the beginning of the school day was left only one week. We were very embarrassed" he added. Thereby, he said they expressed the complaint about 15 weeks lecture system through the assembly of students last March.


You know, we can find different assertions between student affairs and jukjeon student council. DKH interviewed the president of cheonan campus student council who took part in the same conference with them to look into more details. He said "Actually, cheonan campus' side suggested this education reform at first and both student councils talked about this suggestion deeply." he marked at that time, jukjeon campus' student council also approved this agenda. "As like the president of jukjeon campus student council mentioned, we believed that this agenda would be adopted gradually. When we heard the sudden decision, we were amazed". He expressed how they felt at the moment. We visited the staff in student affairs again, after we listened to both student councils' saying. As soon as we said him about student council's position about this decision, he stated "Actually, we really knew that they had approved our assertion," "I think that this assembly of students are caused by communication failures." Lastly, "We know that this decision was activated hastily, but we just conducted this decision for warranting the right to take a class for students as fast as possible" he said the same things like previously mentioned ones.

15 weeks lecture system was adopted from this semester. We did not write this article to judge whether this system was good or not. We wanted to find what made students upset about this system. At this situation that DKU decided to freeze tuition fees, it is clear that adopting 15 weeks lecture system without any notice made students misunderstand. This problem started from communication failure among DKU and students as remarked above a staff. We think that the way that DKU chose this decision without enough notice was wrong. Above all things, the attitude of DKU related with this reform went wrong more than previously stated. DKU did not give a public apology to students and any explanation why they adopted this. DKU should know the reason why some students are still angry. That is because DKU did not express its position about this decision.


Jae-Kyu Lee, Ji-Soo Heo
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