Student Association, How Far Did They Keep Their Promises?

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'I hope that the Student Association spends our money for students.'

'I think they lack initiative. They said they will carry out promises. But I think they rarely perform their promises actually.'

'Student Association? I don't have much interest in them.'

Dankook Herald asked Dankookians what they think of the Student Association. Some students don't know what has changed compared with the first semester. The issue of the first semester, the reduction of the lecture system still causes controversy. So, many students said that the Student Association was incompetent. Thus, let's check about the Student Association's achievements and the rest of their promises.

<Jukjeon Campus>

Jukjeon Campus Student Association promised various pledges in four categories.

'Study' - To improve the registering for a class system, Credit save system, Summer/winter session system for stop out, To reform evaluation class system.

'Communication' - Text message complaint service, Vitalization of Student Association homepage, To reveal the budget and accounts of the membership fees of students association.

'Welfare' - To rent slippers in the library, To improve classrooms, To improve student lounges, To support cervical cancer vaccine.

‘Culture' - To create a green school, To support cultural events on campus, Continuous campaign, Project 'Na-Num.'

Then, Can they fulfill all their pledges? We asked what was achieved last semester and what they will achieve in the new semester.

What were the Student Association's achievement last semester?

"Last semester, we did some work for improving student's welfare. First of all, we replaced old blackboards with new ones in every classroom. Second, we installed shelves and put toilet paper in every toilet. And ventilation facilities were changed in the student lounge. Now they have some shower stuff too. We also installed additional bulletin board to communicate effectively on campus. Also, we conducted campaigns and managed volunteer groups. We distributed free tickets for a performance. And we revealed budget and accounts of the membership fees of the students association."

Many students expected promises about 'Study' but there are no fulfilled promises.

"With our web information system, we cannot fulfill pledges, credit save system and summer/winter session system for stop out. We did not carry out those promises yet because we have to prepare for the whole new system. Students will be able to use Credit save system from next year and summer/winter session system for stop out from this winter session. When the new web information system is prepared, we expect to carry out other unfulfilled promises."

There are a lot of unfulfilled promises not only in the 'Study' category but also in the others.

"Sometimes, something unexpected came up and we could not continue our work. First example is 'Cervical cancer vaccine support' pledge. We could have bought the cheap vaccine. But an expert said "It is dangerous to vaccinate students in the university infirmary." So we could not do it. Similarly, the 'Cultural event support' pledge was replaced with distributing free tickets for a performance. Because there are no proper places for stage equipment. The 'To rent slippers in library' pledge is under discussion. We are discussing a managing method. We want to implement all promises but there are some pledges we have to give up for practical reasons."

Do you have something to say to students?

“We have much to desire. Last semester, we did not fulfill most pledges. For that reason, we will make a greater effort to obtain our pledges. And we are making efforts to communicate with students. If you have questions, you can use the text message complaint service or visit the Student Association office. This semester, please take an interest in the Student Association."

<Cheonan campus>

What did the Student Association achieve last semester?

"For the public security, we managed the neighborhood patrol. They patrol Anseo-ho and the campus ground. In addition, we arranged for the collection of abandoned bicycles to make a clean campus. And we distributed snacks to students during the period of exams."

To Cheonan campus students, they feel the lack of various programs compared with JukJeon campus. Is there any solution?

"In fact, you can apply the MOS education program in order of arrival. But the participation rate is very low level. The other programs are similar to this condition. In spite of the final application day, most programs suffer lack of applicants. Finally, the students' lack of interest in campus and a shortage of substantial applicants cause this situation."

Many students are still dissatisfied with the freeze on tuition fees. There are many opinions that the 15 weeks lecture is the same as the freeze on tuition fees. How would you answer this?

“It's a misunderstanding. It means '15 Weeks guarantee system' for students. If a professor skips a lecture during the 15 weeks lecture system, you can get a supplementary lecture even after the last day of semester. Last semester, professors didn't know about this system. Many courses were finished without supplementary lectures. Therefore, We will promote 'Supplementary & Skipping lecture system' to make up for its fault. Under this system, professors have to obtain the campus president's approval before they cancel a class or do a makeup lesson. It will be meaningful system for students."

Many students look forward to practicing various employment programs. But nothing was done.

"We'll carry on 'Image training for employment by imaginary interview.' It is the program considering a situation like actual interview. Above this, you can find various and helpful information at the career service center. Also you can try counseling there too."

Some promises have not been kept yet. Let us know the progress of the remaining promises.

"We expected price deflation by cooperating with nearby universities (Dankook Univ., Sangmyung Univ., Hoseo Univ., Baekseok Univ.) However, they are unconcerned about this problem. In spite of considering the best solution is cooperation, this problem hasn't been solved as much as we want. Thus, instead of this promise, we will promote the price reduction in the school cafeteria from second semester."

Let us know resolutions for the second semester and tell us what you want to say.

"At the first semester, many students participated in many events. We are grateful for this. In addition, dept. of Mongolian served overseas volunteer program in Mongol. Foreign students along with dept. of Mongolian students had a good time to develop their love of our university by this program. That fact made us glad. Lastly, we're preparing many programs for second semester. We would like to do our best as long as you keep your eyes on us."


After having the interview with the Student Association, we know that both campus have more unfulfilled pledges than fulfilled. However to keep their pledges, they continuously discussed with the university during summer vacation.

The Student Association is an organization of the student, for the student, and by the student. Therefore students' concern will be the motive of becoming enthusiastic for them.

Bang-So Yeon, Kim So-Yeon
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