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'Dept. of Middle East Studies, Dept. of Judicial Affairs Administration, Dept. of Nanobiomedical Science, Dept. of Energy Engineering and etc...'

This year, lots of freshmen entered Dankook University (DKU) as 6 new departments were established in Cheonan campus. And building on the success of new departments in Cheonan campus, Jukjeon campus also established two new departments that are guaranteeing to renovate benefits to freshmen. They are the College of International Studies and Dept. of Mobile Communication Engineering.

These two new departments give special benefits to students like supporting all four years' tuition fees and dormitory fees if each student get a high enough grade in Scholastic Ability Test(SAT) by entering our university. Also at the same time, they will guarantee school exchange programs and internships abroad so we can say that DKU's support toward these two new departments is more than enough to be surprised!

Then, what are these two departments exactly about?

The College of International Studies is established for training global leaders who are suited for competitive and changeable enterprise circumstances. This department gives classes 100% in English. Foreign students and DKU students take classes together so foreign students can learn Korean culture quickly and DKU students can experience global circumstances earlier. The College of International Studies students also have benefits that they can manage their own career not only in Korea but also in abroad enterprises and facilities.

The Dept. of Mobile Communication Engineering is a department of industrial ordering type so they will receive industries' funds and they will be trained as acceptable 'human resources' that companies need. This department helps students upgrade their skills and business abilities in planning or marketing fields by learning about mobile communications: smart phones, applications and etc. The chief professor of the Dept. of Mobile Communication Engineering, Kyong-Ho Han (the present head of the Dept. of Electronic Engineering) said "Mobile Communication Engineering was established for training professional mobile engineers who are based in a variety of fields, management and globalization which is fit for the mobile trend of the world. We will educate talented students that social trends want by using various ways: taking 100% English class and classes taught by foreign professors." And he confidently bet that the dept. of Mobile Communication Engineering will be a representative department of DKU's future. Continuously, Prof. Han proudly showed his iPad which he requested from an acquaintance living in the US who bought it for him and said "the mobile will lead IT soon. By knowing the Korean power of IT, mobilization of course, TV and car audio is being smart including a smart pad, I will say that the capacity of Mobile Communication Engineering is infinite." And he positively prospects about mobile industry.

On Oct.19, 2010, opening ceremony of Dankook-Samsung Mobile Laboratory was held in Beomjeong Hall.
It must be connected to a new deparment, dept of Mobile Communication Engineering, 
so we can say that it has a good prospect.


Early this year, Ho-Sung Jang(President of DKU) announced "In 2010, I will strongly focus on strengthening DKU's global competitive power." We can say that, two departments: the College of International Studies and the Dept. of Mobile Communication Engineering which are suitably established, are for DKU students to be global leaders. Compared with last year, DKU's ranking at global part of the Joongang newspaper's university evaluation was much raised. DKU's effort for globalization was not easy but it was fruitful.

 What should be improved in new departments which were established at Cheonan campus in 2010?

In 2010, at Cheonan campus, a total of 6 departments: the Dept. of Middle East Studies, the Dept. of Judicial Affairs Administration, the Dept. of Nanobiomedical Science, the Dept. of Energy Engineering, the Dept. of Sculpture and the Dept. of Instrumental Music have been 8 months when students attended DKU. What are these departments about? And what was needed for two semesters? To know about it, the Dankook Herald investigated focusing on two new departments, the Dept. of Middle East Studies and the Dept. of Judicial Affairs Administration.

First, the Dept. of Middle East Studies is a department studying the Middle East language, especially Arabic that most Middle East people use. This department is different from the Dept. of Arabic that is in other universities. Therefore it trains specialists connecting with other departments (Politics, Economics and Broadcasting) by learning local studies that widen the possibility. So we can say that it is high in scarcity and competitiveness.

The Dept. of Judicial Affairs Administration is a complex department that provides specialized knowledge for people who work in law and the public service. The Dept. of Public Administration is only focusing on learning administration so these two departments are different from each other. The Dept. of Judicial Affairs Administration learns law, administration and general social science.

<Below are Q&A of Prof. Se-Won Chang (Dept. of Middle East Studies), Prof. Hae-Sang Jung (Dept. of Judicial Affairs Administration)>

Q. After lecturing for 2 semesters for the Dept. of Middle East Studies (the Dept. of Judicial Affairs Administration), what needs to be improved?

Prof. Chang: First time students learn Arab words therefore it was hard for them to learn. But moving into the 2nd semester, students study by themselves and do their best at the academic club of Middle East Studies. In this club they make Arab videos, learn Arab dance and play Arab instruments and some activities related to Arab culture. So as a chief professor, I'm so proud to see them. But one thing, what I'm concerned about is 'we don't have a native Arabic professor.' So we are doing hard work in the conversation class. However, with the government's approval, they will assign an Arabic native professor from the Saudi government to us next year. So I'm looking forward to it.

Prof. Jung: I feel the lack of Infrastructure. For instance, our department doesn't have a students' place and it leads to students in the block having to make study groups by themselves. And also, there are lots of limitations because we only have freshmen. We need lots of financial support to manage a department, but we don't get it much because we only have freshmen. In short, financial support and not making a student's room are the urgent problems for us.

Prof. Han (Dept. of Mobile Communication Engineering) said "Compared to human life, the newly established department is a baby who doesn't know how to walk. So we have to pay more attention than other department that is stable and has lots of graduate students." And he continues to say, it is inevitable for newly established departments to undergo trial and error. As we mentioned before, just like the Dept. of Middle East Studies and the Dept. of Judicial Affairs Administration, two new departments which will be establish in 2011: the College of International Studies, the Dept. of Mobile Communication Engineering have to be improved so much things. Like a sentence in the Bible 'Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be,' At the Starting point, it must encounter many hardships but finally I'm sure these new departments will jump into a leading group at last.

Chan Lee
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