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"I've heard that other universities offer a variety of programs to students," "But our school program isn't various!" a dankookian's complained. Recently, Joong Ang Daily conducted the evaluation of university's education and financial condition, as it come out, our university ranked 81th and 63th respectively about the return rate of educational cost and the rate of scholarship support compared with tuition fee. This results tell us a Dankookian‘s complaint is not pointless. We asked school programs to students participating school programs. Most of the students agreed that DKU has no various school programs. In fact, DKU only supports following programs; English class for free, tutoring for your major, and employment camp.

We interviewed a staff member from Dankook Accreditation Center for Educational Development(DACED) about the absence of diverse programs.



Q-1. What do you think about our student's complaints about the chances of volunteering abroad and exchange students are fewer compared to other universities?



First, I think sending students to a foreign university as an exchange student is not the problem of DKU. Basically, there is an agreement about whether to send exchange students between DKU and sister schools. You can hear good news about this because recently the President, Ho-Sung Chang have tried to affiliate with the foreign universities. About volunteering abroad, we also want to give more chances to students. But if too many students are participating, we think that original meaning of volunteering will disappear because it will be hard to lead many students at the same time. So, its range have to be limited in principle. I agree that our school support programs are not diverse, however, we have tried to make new programs each semester through groups of student advisors. we notice new programs on DKU's homepage but the ratio of student's participation was so low. So most of programs were closed or reduced in short time. In fact in our shoes, we continually have tried to make programs that students wanted. But we are sorry to the low rate of student's participation.



Q-2. What is the DACED's goal and plan for the future?



DACED will try to give many students the maximum benefit which are returned in tuition fees as much as possible because of the high tuition fees associated with taking classes. In general we will try to give many benefits to students through various programs, our future plan is training students with having truthful mind and doing social service volunteerly as school's teaching. Recently, students who abandoned participating schools programs are increased. So, we try to compose different theme every week, give scholarship to students for increasing the rate of students' attendance.



Above interview showed the biggest obstacle is low participation of students. So, what does not make students take part in school programs? we wonder that we interviewed some students who participate in school programs.



Those who take part in school programs expressed their unsatisfied feeling to the lack of public relations(PR) and the absence of diverse programs.

An anonymous student(Dept. of Architectural Engineering, Junior) who is school program's advisor of Jukjeon campus did look for what kinds of useful program supported by DKU after he had been to the overseas volunteer program hosted by DKU during the summer vacation. He said carefully that the lack of PR about school programs contributes to the low participation rate. "One day, he heard that my department was recruiting those who want to prepare the national examination about my major. But I couldn't hear anything from my professors and teaching assistants," "I accidentally looked for the poster about joining the national examination which was covered with other poster." He couldn't figure out the details from it, so he decided to visit to major office for getting some information. However, he missed the opportunity because the dates of recruiting was over. "I've heard other universities send information regarding their major through text messages," "If DKU cannot pay attention to posters about school program, I think text messaging through cell phones would be more effective than posters."



Eun-Ji Choi(Accounting Major, Sophomore) who joined English program supported by DKU said that she can gain confidence with English after attending this. However, she expressed the feeling of disappointment that there are only programs for getting a job. We asked her "What kind of activities do you want to join in program?" "I know that It is impossible to compare with other universities' school programs because DKU tuition fee is lower in comparison. However, a university located in the capital offered a program on tutoring reading. Students can discuss the contents of the book and share their thoughts as well as correcting their reading posture." She said another problem "There is no reward and punishment in school program system, this system doesn't make students participate steadily."



Through all the interviews, we can now understand that this problem cannot shift the responsibility to whichever, students and DKU. We felt that they do not fit each other properly on the problem of vitalizing the school program because they focused on their interest, they did not hear other's interest. Namely, there is a relationship between the lack of PR about program and the rate of participation. If DKU wants to improve the participation rate, they should correct themselves and listen to the students' needs. If Students want diverse programs, they should ask more useful school program to DKU and they should participate in school program actively.

Jae-Kyu Lee
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