The Festival Made by Dankookians

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▲  Club Mu-hon demonstrates Taekwondo.

On Wednesday, May 20, the opening ceremony of Dankook University Jukjeon campus festival was held in an open yard. First of all, the club performances which started at 4:30 were directed by MC, Hyeon-seop Choi and Modakbul broke the string at the start the guitar performance. ‘NRSC' showed a hip-hop performance such as satire songs and their own songs. Sorisam, a popular song club, also proudly performed in the festival. Dasom and MUSE coordinated admirably with the audiences while performing a capella and band music. The Taekwondo club Muhon showed Korean traditional martial arts on the stage. At the turn of Zadrak, they sang 'I cannot forgive you' which was included in drama ‘Temptation of the Wife.'

The F.T. Island singing on the stage.

After the show, our alumnus and gagwoman Ji-seon Kim undertook the MC of second part of the festival. The student president of the 41st Student Association, Kyeong-min Kim, took part in the opening declaration. For the first time, the singer group 2PM came to DKU to be among the invited singers at the festival. There were a lot of students and people who came to see them. After the performance of the Dept. of Vocal Music and the rock band Black Bears, the festival of May 20th ended with the hip-hop group Free Flow and popular band F.T Island’s performance.

Jung-hwa You
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