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Every year at universities the new student council president and vice-president are selected through elections. Just like politicians, they come up with plenty of pledges, however, few of them are actually implemented before the end of their term. We are tired of pretending to believe all the hollow public commitments. Therefore, we expect this year's leaders to fulfill their election pledges. With all the hopes for this new student council, The Dankook Herlad (DKH) interviewed both Jukjeon and Cheonan Campus' presidents to let students know what their plans are. You will be able to judge the student council by re-reading this article at the end of the year.
<Jukjeon Campus>
The Jukjeon Campus Student Council is mainly focusing on communication with students. They are planning to open the student council conference room to all students so that they can visit there whenever they want to. The council is going to install computers for students and put magazines, coffee and tea in the room to let students feel comfortable to stop by and communicate with the student council members at any time. Early last month, the council implemented an event posting post-its to find out what students want the most. Unlike the old days, the new student council even publicized the budget in order to let students know where their own money has gone to. Although the budget is embroiled in controversy, the fact that they are trying to get close to students is encouraging. 
About the controversy of the budget bill, Soo-Hyun Ko, Student Council President, said that it is just a budget bill that reflects the university's allotted budget and that the council is willing to improve it gradually. She ensured us that the council would publicize the balance sheet at the end of the year as well.
"Students have the right to know about the usage of their money," she said.
The student council is now examining improvement schemes for frequently mentioned problems on the post-it board. They are also preparing to meet students more often with constant events, such as encouraging more participation in the post-it event, from April.
The first improvement she mentioned was about the student cafeteria. If the contract lasts long enough, the council is going to negotiate the price with the company, and if not, the council will consider changing the system to direct management. Regarding registering for classes, which has been a consistent matter among students for a long time, the president is considering pushing for six-month advance reservation, which would allow students to reserve a class six months before the semester starts. Along with six-month advance reservation, Ko is trying to open more useful liberal arts classes for students, and a survey about the liberal arts classes will get to students soon. As for the shuttle bus to Jukjeon Metro Station, progress is already being made on plans to have the shuttle stop at one more station, Ori. Lastly, about the dormitory, Ko expressed that she had recently found out that more than enough students require their rooms to have desk lamps to be installed. She continued that she will extend efforts to solve more environmental issues surrounding the dorms.
President Soo-Hyun Ko also promised powerfully that she is going to implement her election pledges. About one of her main promises, half-price tuition, she is conscious of the unfeasibility of her pledge at our university; therefore, she is going to promote an assembly on half-price tuition, which is expected to be held shortly. Moreover, she is trying to figure out other ways to put her promise into practice. As one of her election pledges, she will not remain silent on school restructuring, and conferences to discuss this will be held every month. A talk concert will be held inviting related instructors on specified topics sometime near the school festival. A new system of granting credits for internships, which is already in practice in many foreign universities and Korean universities, is also on the table for talks with the Office of Student Affairs. 
<Cheonan Campus>

Sang-Hag Lee
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