What is the Taste of First Love?

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The Caputure of the movie 'Introduction to Architecture'

You may have heard of the movie "Introduction to Architecture." This movie's publicity title is "We were all someone's first love."
How do you feel reading this sentence? When I saw this I thought, "Was I really someone's first love? Oh, I have experience of first love, too." Yes. As if everyone has firsts in life, we all have a first love. With everything, the first time is always fresh and unique in our memory. Thus, we tend to think that first love has a special meaning. What do you think of this? Did you already give a special meaning to your first love? It does not matter whether your first love was a success or failure.
Indeed, what is the taste of first love? Does each person tasted a different first love? Probably, someone thinks that first love is sweet like cotton candy. On the other hand, there may be others who think it has a bitter taste like soju. The Dankook Herald (DKH) explored the various tastes of first love through the words of Dankookians.
DKH: What is the definition of first love?
Choi (junior, Dept. of Electronic Engineering): For me, a first love is someone who I have shared physical intimacy with for the first time because physical intimacy is really only possible in a serious and close relationship.
Lee (sophomore, Accounting Major): I think that first love is the person to whom Igave all my heart for the first time. My first love left me with a lot of regret and frustration. When I reminisce about those days when I fell in love for the first time, sometimes I miss them. But I only want to keep my precious memories.
Kim (sophomore, Business Administration Major): Someone who feels emotional closeness toward the opposite sex experiences first love. The depth of emotion does not matter. That makes first love always young and fresh.
DKH: What image comes to mind when you think of first love? Why do you think that?
Cho (sophomore, Dept. of Middle East Studies): First love is like coffee because it is sweet at first but bitter later. However, that is what also makes it attractive. My first love repeatedly comes to mind for me as a break in my busy life.
Kim (sophomore, Business Administration Major): Like the saying, "First love is puppy love," it is just a passing infatuation. Merely, I loved someone and wanted to confess my love. Even so, I did not have the heart to let him know my love. Looking back, I have a dim recollection and regret, but I avoid thinking about this love.
Jang (freshman, Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature): The word 'candy' comes to me. When candy is in the mouth, it makes me happy, but it quickly disappears. These similarities remind me of first love - after you break up, your love disappears in a moment.
Lee (freshman, Dept. of Public Administration): I think that first love reminds us of our innocence. Often, we say that first love is immature love. Actually, it is love at a time when we are getting to know what love is. Also, at that time, love itself just makes you happy and fluttery.
DKH: How much value do you put on first love?
Chang (freshman, Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature): I still think highly of first love. I was on intimate terms with him for one year and sadly said good-bye. I clearly remember his image. I did not have strong feelings then, but now it seems like I will not forget him all my life.
Cho (sophomore, Dept. of Middle East Studies): First love? I don't put any emphasis on first love. First love is past perfect. Being faithful to present progressive love is more important. After all, I can be a first love dating someone.
Kim (sophomore, Dept. of Public Administration): First love is significant. It was not passionate love back then, but I have fully realized its value over time. People feel the desire to hold onto that which they have lost. For that reason, I impart a deep meaning to first love. I might be desperate because, eventually, my first love story had a sad ending.
DKH: Supposing you could meet your first love again. Would you be willing to meet again?
Chang (freshman, Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature) : I do not want to meet again him. If I reunite with him, painful and sad memories will fill my head.
Kim (senior, Dept. of Business Administration): I also do not want to see him. I just only want to hold onto my precious memories. If I meet my first love, I might be afraid that the memories will be distorted. Memories are extremely subjective. I just hope to keep my first love story beautiful to the end.
Lee (freshman, Dept. of Public Administration): If I could see him, I wouldn't avoid him. I sometimes wonder if he looks different from old times. I could turn back to that time and look back on the past as well.
Choe (junior, Dept. of Electronic Engineering): I'd like to reunite. Actually, I really want it. My first love ended regrettably, so I want to recover that memory. I wish to be given a second chance.
As many people in this society differ, the image of first love is different as well. Some people say love moves, but everyone holds memories of their first love. In our busy daily life, it is fine to take a moment and think about our memories of first love.

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