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This time, The Dankook Herald met our university’s cheering squad ‘Woong-Bi’ and ‘AMADAS.’ The questions are different, but they would have the same thoughts, because both of them are cheering squads of DKU. During the interviews, we realized that they do not only just cheer, but also have tried to
make all dankookians as one and announce DKU’s pride over the world. Let’s listen to their spirit and passion that you do not know.


At first, we met the ‘Woong-Bi’ in Jukjeon campus. They introduced themselves as a cheering squad which seeks real cheer. Real cheer means what creates a wonderful scene by special right of youthfulness, and it is that only cheer squad can make it.

▲ Cheer squads in Jukjeon campus ‘Woong-bi(bottom)’ Cheonan campus ‘AMADAS(top)’

Q) How do you feel when you cheer for DKU as a representative during festivals or competitions with other university?

W) We feel pride and proud of ourselves. It can be finished to cheer how we feel groovy and proud at the moment. But, it is our wish that dankookians see us cheering hard and then cheer together and enjoy with us.

Q) Cheering with passion can just give to others. What do you get from cheer?

W) I think we can get leadership through process of cheering. There has been a joke since the generation of Woong-Bi’s first seniors. The joke is that the reason of living as the cheer squad is because of fellow students’ shouts and laugh. All of the Woong-Bi agree with that. If students watch our performances with absence of expressions, we do not want to cheer. But we can do our best, when students shout, laugh, run and enjoy together. All of Woong-Bi’s member share this feeling. Therefore, we do not think that we just give cheer to them, because we also get from them. In other word, students and Woong-Bi help each others.

Continuing the interview, this time we did questioned the members of ‘AMADAS’ of Cheonan campus. “AMADAS” comes from a name of the Spain ship, ‘The
invincible armada’ and it means ‘We never give up.’

Q) As you spend a lot of time in cheering squad, we think you don’t have your leisure time. Despite the less of free time, what are the reasons encouraging you to stay here?

A) We(AMADAS’s members) have always wanted to have a lot of new experiences at the twenties. The enjoyment to experience new things is the impetus encouraging to stay here. Also we think that the sense of duty to transmit our youth and passion to all dankookians through cheering doesn’t let us go. Actually, students do not know well how tough is cheering. Apart from studying, we practice our choreography and go frequently inside or outside ceremony of school. It is very backbreaking. However, we enjoy doing our performance.
Q) Are there something that you wish for dankookians?

A) We feel that our students don’t have any pride on our school. As they are so busy to go home, the participation such as school festivals and events is getting lower and the unity is getting lower, too. We wish dankookians be united in that occasion at least. Our strength is gone when dankookians don’t react while we are cheering. Their shouting gives us strength. Of course, it is true they don’t have any expectancy in the same actions and the same song that we perform. Therefore, we are doing a new attempt for this festival. Dankookians, be ready for the change!

Q) Please, give some messages of support for all dankookians.

W) To all dankookians at the school and in the society! We are always cheering you. We hope you have pride of DKU and those who were part of our school.

A) We hope that every student has passion and challenging spirits. You are students. That means the society would forgive our mistakes until now. We wish all dankookians try whatever they want to do, whether it is what you like or not.

Ka-Yeon Kim, Ji-Soo Huh
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