Steve McCurry’s Photograph Exhibition‘ Unguarded Moment’

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“I find the unguarded moments, I search for soul and I trace down the
experience from the face.”

It is the word of the well-known photo journalist Steve McCurry who has visited
many world wars and hot spots and put the vital dignity and human rights to
camera by profound eyes. He has investigated Asia such as India, Pakistan, Cambodia for 28 years as a classic documentary film photographer and has lighted up the issues like the war between Iran and Iraq and Gulf War. He is a member of ‘Magnum,’which is an international news photographer association. Besides, he is a well-known photographer who got Oliver Rebbot Memorial Award twice. It is the Novel Prize in the field of picture. Outwardly, his picture is outstanding at intense color and well organized screen configuration. But the reasons that he is famous isn’t just by these things. His pictures have a resonance of soul and send messages. Steve McCurry held a photograph exhibition which is called ‘Unguarded Moment’

McCurry’s photograph exhibition has five themes : Place, Meaning, Art, Immanent
power and Construct. First, in the ‘Place,’photos were exhibited in the form of temperature, humidity, time and seasons. This theme makes us believe as if we’re standing in the picture.

Second, in the ‘Meaning,’it gives us both a strong feeling and a tinge of being stationary, when we look at pictures like a cow walking slowly through the debris of warfare and a sleeping mother and a daughter with a snake crawling down beneath them.

Third, in the ‘Art,’we could get a sense of his spirit of art. With his dramatic elements for the spatial design, his thematic point is embodied. By this, we could feel specified texture. Also he turned the moments that otherwise might have been just passed by into the masterpiece displaying the everlasting impression by his artistic sensitivity and composition.

Fourth, in the ‘Immanent power,’it left a strong impression through emphasizing the light and shade and contrasting the object. The picture that people who dressed black pray on the red earth and a man grasp hand of the fatal woman, gave us curiosity how he could put this darkness and brightness into the same frame.

Finally, in the ‘Structure,’we could get the meaning of the unity, the delicacy, the complexity and the intensity through the depth of the space, the layout and the understanding of colors. Thus, we could feel pictures’ physical beauty.

After seeing the McCurry’s photograph exhibition, we learned how intense and deep the picture could be. His pictures aren’t simply catching a scene. He put a message into the pictures. The message can’t be expressed by word or sentence,
and it makes the moment more valuable. Don’t you want to feel this experiences as well?


If you want more information about Steve McCurry’s Photograph exhibition
‘Unguarded Moment’, visit the web site

In-Yong Jun, Chu-Young Park
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