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Do you know the power of music? When a wine bar played classical music,
people drank three times more expensive wine than normal ones. What was the
reason? When people listen to classical music, people usually have an elegant
impression. In a situation that makes people think of themselves as more valuable,
people tend to spend money on something more worthwhile. In other words, they spent on a wine three times higher than the average cost because of
music appreciation. But surprisingly, the customers of the wine bar didn’t remember what kind of music was flowing out of the wine bar.

Let’s look at another example. We represented our emotions indirectly by background music(BGM) of a mini homepage. We select BGM that has similar
lyrics with my thought and mood. In the past, some entertainers alluded to suicide using their BGM. As you can see from the examples above, music is closely related to our psychological state. We don’t it realize until we get there, there is a power of music. Then, don’t you recognize that power of music?

When people listen to the music of their choice, most people adapt their situation to the lyrics of the music. By empathizing with their situation, we
equate ourselves with the main character in the music that have a sense of unity.
Also by listening repeatedly to the same music, we experience our past and present through the music and we have a deep relationship with past experiences
and current feelings. In this way, people can know their past and present state of
mind through the music. So, we choose a song that best represents our situation.

You can select music as a means of self expression, causing a Cathartic Effect (is
a typical example of music therapy as psychotherapy that creates a stable state
out of emotional instability) which is effective to the music therapy. In these days, a lot of scientific research on music is under way as a study of medicine. And music therapy has a striking effect. For example, lyrics that have positive meaning helps us understand other people’s mind and make up our own minds. Besides, music gives us positive motivation and it can make positive effects. Also, we can experience music therapy not only by listening but also by playing the musical
instrument. There were a student who had a fight against friends and even
abused his teacher. And he was his own worse enemy because he was bruised all over.

A music therapist helped the student to eliminate his rage and hatred. Since then, he adapted himself to school life well. Fortunately, his relationship with parents and friends was closer than before. Music is a means for him to communicate with people. In addition, sometimes we make memories or think of the past by music communicating with each other. Recently, hospitals, schools and public offices have changed into places that are filled with music. It proves music
has great power in our life. Owing to the prevalence of Smart Phones, an application has appeared that is listening to music according to an individual’s
mood. It is called ‘Mood Agent.’ You can describe your feeling as five elements(
Sensible, Friendly, Delight, Aggressive, Speed) in a bar graph.

Then the Mood Agent makes a playlist and you can enjoy it. Because Mood Agent selects music adjusted to users’ feeling, users can gain stability. If you’re tired of living, How about taking a rest with listening to music instead of drinking beer, tonight? Like the Mood Agent on the iPhone, how about enjoying Mood Agent that DKH has recommend? Hard work cause a rise of work inefficiency, you should rest for a while listening to the following songs that DKH has recommend. The melody and lyrics can reduce some of your depression.


DKH s Mood Agent
- When you are stressed
① S.E.S - 달리기
② 러브홀릭스 - Butterfly
③ 이한철 - 슈퍼스타
④ Daniel Powter - Bad Day
⑤ John Mayer - Bigger Than My Body

So-Yeon Kim, Doo-Ri Lee  dkherald@hotmail.com
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