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The spring has come. The weather is warm, but people still seem to feel cold. Because of the crisis of the world economy caused by the sub-prime mortgage loan in America. Most industries of our country depend on export and import, so our economy is susceptible to external factors such as the rapidly changing exchange rate and the world stock market. However, do you know the fact that our country occupied 11th position in the world trade market last year? Korean industry is strong in various fields. And it should also be mentioned that in Korea, there are a lot of minor loved by the world's consumers: Korean mayonnaise occupies first place in the Russian market. Korean nail clippers are among the most well-sold products in the world market.  Now we all need hope and courage that we cope, so The Dankook Herald will introduce Korea's No.1 products made by minor to Dankookians.

 The first thing to introduce is nail clippers which are so common in everyone's life. Perhaps most Korean people use nail clippers and


 A modern Korean folk painting of a new nail clipper

then put it in a drawer, without thinking that all people in the world use this little thing. And it seems that Koreans never think that the nail clippers they use are “"Made in Korea,”" too. Once the world market for nail clippers was held by Japanese companies. They usually made them for Asians. So people of the other countries except Asian people felt uncomfortable to use them. For this reason, Korean companies analyzed the nail shapes of people of the world and they made nail clippers which fit various nail types of people in the world. The nail clippers made by Korean companies are popular for foreign buyers because of their strong cutting power and various types of external form. Recently, new products with an inscription of a Korean folk painting are being sold well.


The second product is “"Mayonnaise made in Korea”" which captured the Russians' taste. Unlike Korea where Mayonnaise is mainly used for salad, it is used in Russia for its high calorie content. Russians living in such a cold climate need to maintain their body temperature by having high calorie meals, so mayonnaise is essential to Russians. There is always mayonnaise on their dining table; it is added to all of thefood that they eat. They use it just like gochujang and dwoenjang in our country. Their favorite mayonnaise is Korean because the sesame oil added in Korean mayonnaise for favor and it captured the Russians' appetite.Even when the mayonnaise market of Russia was stagnant, Korean companies enjoyed the increased sales rate of mayonnaise in bulk packages from 10% to no less than 25% every year.



The third product favored by foreigners is Korean instant noodles. When you were in another country, you may have wanted to taste Korean spicy instant noodles.Most Koreans including students who are studyingabroad and residents abroad miss Korean instant noodles,too. Taste is universal, so foreigners like spicyinstant noodles made in Korea. One of famous exampleis Korean cup noodles in Jungfrau of Switzerland calledthe top of Europe. Concession stands in Jungfrau sell cupnoodles made in Korea, which are the most popular noodlesthere. Actually Japan was the first country thatexposed instant noodles named Ramen to the world market.But Korean instant noodles are doing fairly wellwith their spicy taste although they entered the marketlater. So we take pride in the fact that Korean instantnoodles are sold in equal numbers with those of Japan.Now Korean companies are selling various instant noodleswith properly considering tastes in local markets.

The fourth is So-ju. Korean alcoholic drinks arepopular in China and Japan because of the Korean wave.At first alcohol companies advertised their productsusing famous Korean actors. However, those drinks,without any advertising, attracted the interest of foreigners,who had watched Korean dramas, because Koreanactors drank them in dramas. Makgeolli, one of alcoholdrinks that ordinary Korean people love, is popular inJapan. Because of the world economic crisis, winebecame too expensive to buy. In this situation, it is naturalthat Makgeolli, our raw rice wine, with a sweet taste,low alcohol level and low price is loved by many peoplein Japan. Also the explanationthat it is one ofKorea's traditional winesgives the image of a highqualitydrink to Makgeolliand Dongdong-ju likewine. As a result, theamount of Korean drinksexported has increased toabout 100 billion won inJapan up to last year.For this reason, Korean products of not only major enterprises but also minor ones sell well abroad although theirprice is higher than that of Chinese products. Korean companies now try hard to export Korean culture as well asproducts because Chinese products have followed our's. In this way, our culture naturally gets embedded in the life ofworld people. Though the state of the Korean economy is not so good, we can find a great hope in small competitivecompanies. In this sense, we would like to recommend that you should not only be interested in major enterprises butalso in minor ones with bright prospects when you look for a job.


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