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So does this problem exist only in Korea? That's wrong. Let's check out the '880,000won Generation' in other countries. A neighboring country, Japan, calls them 'Freeter.' This Japanese coined word was based on mixing 'Free' with 'Arbeiter.' Literally 'Freeter' means those who work without terms of a contract in order to survive in the stern reality when it is difficult to be chosen as a full-time worker. A distant continent, Europe, also has this generation called the '1,000 Euro Generation.' It means those who lived with 1,000 Euro for a month. The world's only superpower, U.S.A calls this group as 'Penniless Generation.' They should use something in their house to sell in the market because they have no money for a few days before their payday comes. This situation will result in a vicious circle forever.


Interestingly, each generation has something in common. Even though the day of their birthday is different from each other, the pattern of their birth is not different. Namely, they were born after the 'Baby Boom Generation' who occupied political authority and economical privilege in advance had come into the world. However, the policies of each nation for this problem are various.



▶ Students being trained in vocational school for Artist


On behalf of many countries, let's see the policy of the EU. The most remarkable country in the EU is Germany. The government of Germany has helped high school students to acquire diverse qualifications through the action program called 'JUMP' since 1997. As a result, young Germans can choose the job which matches with their aptitude as well as the youth unemployment rate went down from 10.2% to 8.4% in 2001. In England, the government has forced all unemployed people to take vocational training. Namely, the British administration has given a chance to make the youngs' skill better.



 ▶ Students being trained in a vocational school for Cook


Unfortunately, unlike the above-mentioned examples, Korean students cannot become independent before going out to the world. Actually, most of them cannot learn actual working skills in school because most of them study only for the college entrance exam except those who want to major in Arts and Sports. For this education system, this problem brought about the simplicity of the job between young people: being a white-collar. And now that phenomenon makes serious competition for being a regular worker. However, there is a more important one which attracts our attention. Earlier this year, our government announced internship for the youth. Ironically, it provokes youngsters to be degraded to non-regular workers. Without an unemployment policy, the Korean government is busy trying to lower unemployment rate. We hope that our present government finds out their mistake about this issue. If the government doesn't like to lose their credit from the people, they should carry out basic and direct solutions about youth unemployment.

Whether the nations of the above examples overcame adversity or not, it doesn't matter in solving this problem. However, the current government should relieve youngsters from high unemployment through benchmarking previously stated practical ways of successful countries. It is not easy for young men to get out of this bad dream because our society makes you a member of the 880,000won Generation naturally. Therefore, you don't have to be depressed about getting low credits, not speaking English. But there is one thing to remember. If you are a strong-willed person, why don't you try something to change these desperate circumstances like throwing away an attitude of indifference about politics and economy?


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